ios-7-logo 2Hello Everyone!

We wanted to update you from behind the scenes here with our engineering efforts. We have been heads-down, working very hard the last few months to give you the largest LogTen Pro 6 update to date! We think you will love it, and its now undergoing extensive testing and very close to being ready for release.

If you do choose to update to iOS 7 today, please remember our advice, always make a current backup before doing so.

We have been testing our software with iOS 7 since June and had hoped to have an update tied to the launch of iOS 7. However, iOS 7 has shipped just a few weeks earlier than we anticipated! Because of this, there are 2 issues we wanted to share that we are aware of with LogTen Pro 6 when used on a device running iOS 7.

Sharing Reports via

iOS 7 introduced changes to many types of UI modes and views, including changes to the window type we have used to enter an email address when sharing reports. With iOS 7, the location to enter an email address is obscured, so users won’t be able to email reports. Mac users are not affected, and the only workaround we can offer at the moment is to share reports from a Mac or other iOS 5 or 6 device you may have. If this is not an option, please send us a copy of your logbook with your requested report and we’ll send a copy to you.

iPad popovers in landscape mode

On iPad, search criteria filters within popovers for related objects may not appear in landscape mode. For example, if you are trying to find a TO or FROM location and enter search criteria in the popover, some search filter buttons may not appear. Until our next update comes out, please search within popovers only in portrait mode.

We will be submitting our update to Apple in the coming weeks and hope to have our new features and fixes to you as soon as possible! Until then, we are back to testing and finalization.

– Coradine Engineering