We all love to fly.  For most, it’s a love that came early in life, knowing from the moment we set foot on our first plane, or watched Concorde take off that we were destined for the pilot’s life.

At Coradine, we recognize that your logbook is the record of your life-journey as a pilot. Every flight, every take off, every landing, every BFR, every pilot you have ever flown with is documented in LogTen Pro.

Win a LogTen Pro X for iOS 50 Year subscription!

In honour of this relationship, we’re kicking off our #LogTenLife campaign. Post a favorite picture of your pilot life and a remark about the picture on Facebook or Twitter with hashtag #LogTenLife and @coradine; you could win LogTen Pro X for iOS, free for the next 50 years! We will give away a free year LogTen Pro X subscription to one randomly chosen pilot every month, and then at the end of the year we will select one lucky winner to receive a 50 year subscription!!

Share your story

When did you know you wanted to be a pilot? What has been your favourite experience as a pilot? What was the biggest challenge you've had to face as a pilot? What would your advice be for anyone wanting to be a pilot? Share your stories with a picture to hashtag #LogTenLife on FacebookTwitter or Instagram today.