LogTen Pro X Bandeirante Launched

August 17, 2016By Paul Edney

We’re very excited to announce LogTen Pro X Bandeirante. With over 200 enhancements, here’s a few of our favorite new features for you: Share Everything Now you can share not only flights, but also aircraft, people, groups, endorsements and more. Cut Your Workload in Half On multi-pilot flights only one pilot needs to log the flight and can then share … Read More

Day 2 for Levi Brown

June 26, 2016By Paul Edney

 Day 2 for Levi – 75 miles down, 75 to goThe word from Levi on day 2 is that he’s “feeling better than I expected. Pretty tired this AM, but here I go!”.May the wind be at your back Levi (and some big guy in front of you giving you an awesome draft :-D.)  And congratulations on … Read More

Doppler Effect Update

June 24, 2016By Paul Edney

 We have an update from Doppler Effect!”It’s been pretty busy between flying, fueling, cleaning, getting hotels and everything else.  We are currently in Champaign, IL and last night we stayed in Midland, TX so that probably tells you how far we made it!  Not sure if we will make it to Daytona tomorrow or not.  We might … Read More


June 21, 2016By Paul Edney

 The Doppler Effect team of Courtney and Jennifer are off today (sponsored by Coradine :)!The above image shows the list of the stops along with the distances between each.  Each leg without winds is usually between 2 to 2.5 hours.   Courtney and Jennifer are hoping to make it into Waco on the first day.  Follow their … Read More

Sponsoring Team Passion

June 17, 2016By Paul Edney

 Levi Brown Flies (on his road bike) for MSThe Coradine Team is very excited to be sponsoring one of our own, VP of Engineering Levi Brown (no connection to Leroy), who is taking flight on his road bike June 25 and 26 for the 150 mile Bike MS ride in Colorado to raise funds to … Read More

Air Race Classic Count Down – 12 days to go

June 9, 2016By Paul Edney

 The Coradine sponsored “Doppler Effect” Team of Jen and Courtney are only 12 days away from the start of their bid to win the 2016 Air Race Classic. Here they are in their Coradine #LogTenLife T-Shirts!On the 3rd of June, Courtney went up in their ride for the 9 stop race (a Cessna Skylark) to determine … Read More

Excitement Building for Air Race Classic

May 30, 2016By Paul Edney

 The Coradine sponsored “Doppler Effect” Team of Jen and Courtney had a booth at the Grafton fly-in recently to promote their entry in the Air Race Classic. “It was a blast and a huge success,” reported Courtney. “Many families came out and around seventy kids took part in the Young Eagles program to get free airplane rides.One … Read More

Celebrate the pilot life!

March 18, 2016By Paul Edney

 We all love to fly.  For most, it’s a love that came early in life, knowing from the moment we set foot on our first plane, or watched Concorde take off that we were destined for the pilot’s life.At Coradine, we recognize that your logbook is the record of your life-journey as a pilot. Every … Read More

Joining in the Race…

March 14, 2016By Paul Edney

 It was a fitting end to our #WAI2016 show when Noah and the Coradine Team connected with Courtney Schlosser and Jennifer Pinkowski to hand over a sponsorship check that will help fund their bid to enter (and with a little luck and lots of skill, win) the 2400 mile, 9 leg Women’s Air Race Classic. The … Read More

On our way to WAI

March 10, 2016By Paul Edney

 On our way to WAIThanks in part to LogTen Pro :)At Coradine we want to help all pilots advance their career in aviation. That’s what our #LogTenLife campaign is all about. And it is with this goal in mind that we have been a Women in Aviation International (WAI) corporate sponsor for many years and have attended the WAI Conference every … Read More