Celebrate the pilot life!

March 18, 2016By Paul Edney

 We all love to fly.  For most, it’s a love that came early in life, knowing from the moment we set foot on our first plane, or watched Concorde take off that we were destined for the pilot’s life.At Coradine, we recognize that your logbook is the record of your life-journey as a pilot. Every … Read More

Joining in the Race…

March 14, 2016By Paul Edney

 It was a fitting end to our #WAI2016 show when Noah and the Coradine Team connected with Courtney Schlosser and Jennifer Pinkowski to hand over a sponsorship check that will help fund their bid to enter (and with a little luck and lots of skill, win) the 2400 mile, 9 leg Women’s Air Race Classic. The … Read More

On our way to WAI

March 10, 2016By Paul Edney

 On our way to WAIThanks in part to LogTen Pro :)At Coradine we want to help all pilots advance their career in aviation. That’s what our #LogTenLife campaign is all about. And it is with this goal in mind that we have been a Women in Aviation International (WAI) corporate sponsor for many years and have attended the WAI Conference every … Read More

Summary of Overnights Report Available!

March 9, 2016By Paul Edney

Need a summary of your overnights for tax or any other reason? Just click here and the report will be added to your LogTen Pro X automatically! Note: on the Mac, you may need to click out of LogTen Pro, and then back into the app to trigger the reports page to refresh and show … Read More

LTPX Helps Pilots Get A Job

March 8, 2016By Paul Edney

 In late January Coradine exhibited at the NGPA Winter Warm Up in Palm Springs. With many airlines interviewing at the conference, we had a ton of questions about how LogTen Pro X can help with job interviews. Following the conference we wanted to be sure you all knew how much interviewers love seeing LogTen Pro … Read More

Every Flight Counts!

January 22, 2016By Paul Edney

Did you know that LogTen Pro pilots logged over 15 million flights last year? 15 million flights equals a lot of logbook entries. In fact, we estimate it takes about 1,071,429 pieces of logbook paper to log that many flights. And it takes 47,143 kWh of power, 450,000 litres of water and 129 trees to … Read More

What’s a Coradine Account and why would you want one?

October 23, 2015By Paul Edney

Important: If you purchased LogTen Pro X after April 15, 2015, you can ignore this NOTAM. After our newsletter a short while ago, we had some pilots write in with questions about the new Coradine Account system we launched in April 2015 – including why they need an account, and why they would want to … Read More

Introducing One Touch Cloud Backups

August 27, 2015By Paul Edney

Backup. Restore. Relax. New in LogTen Pro X 7.1 for iOS, now you can backup your vital logbook data with a simple tap. Watch the one minute video. Learn more.

EAA Airventure Oshkosh 2015

July 20, 2015By Paul Edney

After a few years’ hiatus, we’re excited to be heading to Oshkosh Wisconsin for the “World’s greatest aviation celebration” July 20-26. To celebrate, we’re reducing LogTen Pro X for iOS annual subscription price by almost 30% while we’re at the show. At US$49.99, it’s a great time to get logging with LogTen Pro. Get in … Read More