LogTen Pro is The Aviators official logbook!

May 14, 2013By Paul Edney

We’re very happy to announce that LogTen Pro has been chosen as the official logbook for The Aviators! Press announcement below. Portland, OR USA – May 14, 2013 – LogTen Pro for iPad, iPhone and Mac has been chosen as the official pilot logbook of the Aviators, the weekly TV series “for everyone who has … Read More

New video tutorials for Mac, iPad and iPhone

May 7, 2013By Paul Edney

We’ve added a number of new tutorials to help pilots get the most out of their LogTen Pro, including: For Mac Helping pilots: Backing up LogTen Pro on your Mac This tutorial will help pilots using LogTen Pro for Mac ensure their data is securely backed up. Helping pilots: Tracking flights using LogTen Pro Groups … Read More

Need to print and bind your
LogTen Pro logbook in Europe?

March 14, 2013By Paul Edney

Coradine Aviation announces partnership with Professional Pilot Print, enabling European pilots using LogTen Pro for Mac, iPhone and iPad to print and bind their electronic logbook seamlessly – with immaculate results. Portland, OR USA – March 12th, 2013 – Coradine Aviation Systems has chosen Professional Pilot Print as their recommended printer of choice for European … Read More

Coradine partners with ConvertMyLogbook.com

August 2, 2012By Paul Edney

…making it easier for pilots to take their logbook electronic. Portland, OR USA – July 25th, 2012 – Coradine Aviation Systems, makers of LogTen Pro for Mac, iPhone & iPad, announced today a partnership agreement with ConvertMyLogbook.com to help pilots convert their paper logbook into LogTen Pro’s electronic format. “We’re excited to promote ConvertMyLogbook to … Read More

LogTen Pro 6.0 for iPhone and iPad – Major Update to Market Leading Mobile Logbooks Announced

September 21, 2011By Paul Edney

Latest upgrade includes many enhancements and new features including iCloud integration, new visual duty limits tracking, and digital signature capability. Portland, OR USA – Sept 22nd, 2011 – Coradine Aviation Systems today announced a major update to their market leading logbooks for iPhone and iPad – LogTen Pro 6.0. One of the most important features … Read More

LogTen now integrates with Jeppesen’s Crew Alert!

May 21, 2011By Paul Edney

LogTen Pro now integrates with Jeppesen’s Crew Alert. Using Jeppesen’s Crew Alert app to manage alertness and fatigue is great but until now required entry of all your flight, duty and rest times. Now you can import your schedules into LogTen Pro, sync them to your iPhone or iPad, and then export actual flight, duty … Read More

Introducing LogTen Pro 5.5 – Free Update!

July 25, 2010By Paul Edney

Our latest update includes new features and enhancements that make logging time even easier for pilots whether they’re in the air or on the ground. This update will be especially useful to commercial and business pilots…