Gmail’s “improved” spam filtering causing issues for some

Gmail’s new “improved” spam filtering is causing issue for some LogTen Pro users when they share Reports and Logbooks.

Many are finding that what once showed up in their Gmail inbox is now showing up in Promotions (Spam). To deal with this issue, you need to either add “” to your address book or “re-train” your Gmail to not filter out communications from the “no-reply” email address.

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CloudAhoy Flight Debrief App Integrates with LogTen Pro

“A one button tap transfers over 20 fields of flight data from CloudAhoy to LogTen Pro…”

CloudAhoy LogTen Pro IntegrationPortland, OR USA – May 29, 2014 – CloudAhoy’s newest version of their flight debrief and flight track analysis App includes the added feature of data sharing with LogTen Pro. Pilots across the USA using CloudAhoy can now share their flight data with LogTen Pro at the touch of a button.

Chuck Shavit, CloudAhoy’s founder, said, “We’re very pleased to help pilots enter their flight information into LogTen Pro in a much easier way: with one tap, CloudAhoy automatically fills over 20 fields of information in LogTen Pro – including in/out times, airports, crew and aircraft data, and many others. We place a lot of emphasis on integrating our flight debrief service with the aviation ecosystem and are very pleased to work with Coradine, a leading provider of electronic logbooks.”

Integration with LogTen Pro is made easier by LogTen Pro’s publicly available Application Programming Interface (API). The API provides all the necessary information for companies wishing to integrate with the logbook software. LogTen Pro’s API has already been implemented by companies such as ForeFlight, Jeppesen Crew Alert and Roster Buster.

Noah Lieberman, Coradine CEO said – “It’s great to have CloudAhoy integrating with LogTen Pro to streamline the data entry process. As a result, pilots can debrief their flights with CloudAhoy, then effortlessly transfer the data to LogTen Pro for safe keeping, as well as currency tracking and further analysis. The result will be pilots improving their flying and we support this 100%.”

To learn more about CloudAhoy, visit:

Dynamic reports – choose the logbook data
YOU want to export

The over 100 professional logbook report templates included in LogTen Pro aim to cover most of a pilot’s needs for reporting.

DynamicReportsScreenshotThat said, they may not always have everything you’re looking for – for example, maybe you need to include specific information for insurance or tax purposes, or you want to highlight a custom field for an interview.

For these special cases, and to give pilots ultimate flexibility, our (fantastic) engineers created “Dynamic Reports”. The Dynamic Report is simple, it allows you to export only the data that you currently have on view in the Logbook tab of LogTen Pro. Providing you with a custom report of only the data you want in the clean, professional layout that you need.

Need help creating Dynamic Reports? Click here to read the article or here to view the tutorial video.