Navigating FAR 117 limits with LogTen Pro

The new FAR 117 rules came into effect in early January. The Coradine support team put together this great article to help pilots navigate the rules with LogTen Pro for Mac and LogTen Pro Universal for iPhone & iPad.

FAR 117 limits logten pro mac iphone ipad

We’re following the article with 3 new tutorial videos to help pilots set up their LogTen Pro logbook to track many of the rules:

Click here to see how LogTen Pro for Mac helps pilots navigate the new limit rules.

Click here to see how LogTen Pro for iPhone and iPad helps pilots navigate the new limit rules.

Click here to see how LogTen Pro for iPhone and iPad helps Pilots with FAR 117 Duty/Rest rules.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact our FANTASTIC support team at … thanks for reading.

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Upgrade your paper logbook to LogTen Pro!

paper logbook to electronic with LogTen Pro and Logbook GenesisWe’ve partnered with Logbook Genesis to help our Canadian customers convert their paper logbook data into LogTen Pro.

Logbook Genesis takes the thousands of lines of hard flown hours from your paper logbook and converts them to digital format. Time to dust off those old logbooks and let Logbook Genesis do the heavy lifting.

Better yet, while we’re at WAI Conference (6-8) and for the whole month of March, with the purchase of a complete package (digitization, binder and printing ) receive an additional 25$ off, a total savings of up to 50$ when compared to buying each product separately. Check them out here.

LogTen Pro 6.5 with iCloud Sync

Your logbook. Instrument Rated.

LogTen Pro 6.5, the latest update for Coradine’s market leading electronic pilot logbook software includes over 200 new features, fixes and performance improvements along side the major addition of free iCloud Sync for current LogTen Pro users.

With LogTen Pro 6.5, pilots can enter a scheduled flight on their Mac, head to the airport and the flight will be ready to go on their iPhone or iPad. They can then log further details enroute and when arriving home all the data will already be updated automatically on all devices.

Coradine CEO Noah Lieberman said, “We believe that no other logbook has this kind of seamless, effortless ability to sync data across mobile and desktop platforms. And with so many of our customers using LogTen Pro on multiple devices whether Mac, iPhone and/or iPad, iCloud Sync will be a huge help to them.”

Another major addition for 6.5 is increased Smart Groups functionality. With LogTen Pro’s unique Smart Groups feature, pilots can create their own custom groups to track virtually any aspect of their flying. Changes to how Smart Groups are programmed behind the scenes enables pilots to create more complex Smart Groups giving them unprecedented ability to manipulate their data.

“We’ve also enhanced the performance of LogTen Pro on iOS,” adds Mr. Lieberman, “now pilots can browse through flights on their iPhone and/or iPad as fast as they can flick. In my opinion, LogTen Pro 6.5 is our biggest release since first launching LogTen Pro for iPhone and iPad. Even better, it’s a free upgrade for current customers.”

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