Wanted: Customer Service Jedi

There’s the typical job: Punch in, report to cubicle, waste time in meetings, punch out, repeat until vacation. Then there’s work at Coradine. Where you’re encouraged to explore uncharted ideas and innovation, to maximize your own potential and to decide how and where your time is spent. Because around here, we reward you for the results you create, not the chair you keep warm.

We are looking for a Customer Service Jedi to join our support team. You will work directly with our customers using our online support system to help educate them on how to use Coradine’s software products and services, resolve common issues, diagnose new ones, and work with our development team to get it fixed. We’re not talking the run of the mill App Store game, but truly useful products for pilots and aviation departments worldwide. You’ll get to help customers who use our Mac and iOS apps all while working from the location(s) you choose.

To be successful in this role, you will need to have solid customer service skills, the ability to troubleshoot and diagnose issues, an understanding of Apple iOS and Mac OS X technologies, and a keen sense of diplomacy. It is also beneficial to have a passion for aviation, be a pilot or just like the sound of jet engines on takeoff.

Desired Skills & Experience:

  • Willing to jump into to projects without previous knowledge or skill.
  • Solves problems as a part of a team: asks for resources, knowledge, or advice when required.
  • Pilot or aviation experience
  • Experience in technical customer service with a focus on Apple products.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Working knowledge of Mac, iPhone, and iPad systems and apps.
  • Ability to work accurately with attention to detail.
  • Outstanding organization and multi-tasking skills.
  • Great interpersonal skills including: Decision Making, Managing Customer Expectations, Emphasizing Excellence, Problem Solving, and Presenting Technical Information.
  • Comfortable with writing user friendly directions and documentation.

How to apply:

Please submit a resume detailing your Customer Support experience and work history. Also attach a cover letter explaining:

  • Why you want to work on Mac & iOS Apps.
  • Why you want to work at Coradine Aviation Systems and not somewhere else.
  • Include the following writing samples:
    1. A description of a great customer service/support experience you had recently, and what made it great.
    2. Respond to a user who wants to set up custom time fields in LogTen Pro on an iPad.
    3. Explain to someone how to sync their iPhone and Mac versions of LogTen Pro.

Email your resume and cover letter to jobs@coradine.com. Include “Customer Support” in the subject line.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Your pilot roster, loaded direct to your iPad and iPhone


Hunite App integrates with LogTen Pro X pilot logbook.
Now professional pilots can seamlessly load their schedule directly into their iOS logbook.

Portland, OR USA – May 13, 2015 – The latest version of the Hunite App for flight crew  includes the added feature of flight schedule sharing with LogTen Pro X. Professional flight crews across the globe can download Hunite free from the App store and start importing their flight data with a couple of taps on their iOS device to LogTen Pro X.

Noah Lieberman, Coradine CEO said – “This is a fantastic development to help pilots and flight crews. Importing schedules direct from Hunite into LogTen Pro X will ensure the data is transferred quickly and error free to their logbook. The result is that everyone who flies for a living saves time and, using LogTen Pro ensures wherever they are in the world, they are flying within regulated limits and getting the rest they need.”

The Hunite App is already being used by over 112,000 crew and covering flight schedules for over 100 airlines, with more coming on every day. Hunite is quickly becoming the App of choice for professional flight crew. Besides a great way to see their schedule and import to LogTen Pro X Hunite offers ways to connect with Friends & Family, shows destination and flight information and has the ability for crew to message with each other.  

Michel Slager, Hunite CEO, said, “We’re very pleased to help pilots and other crew to 
enter their flight information into LogTen Pro X in a much easier way: with one tap, Hunite automatically downloads the schedule from the airline’s portal and provides the most important fields of information in LogTen Pro –  including flights, in/out times, airports, crew and aircraft data. The end goal of Hunite was always to deliver to flight crew an app that meets their daily needs and it’s fantastic that we could collaborate with LogTen Pro in taking another step in that direction.”

Integration with LogTen Pro is made easier by LogTen Pro’s publicly available Application Programming Interface (API). The API provides all the necessary information for companies wishing to integrate with the logbook software. LogTen Pro’s API has already been implemented by companies such as ForeFlight, Jeppesen Crew Alert and CloudAhoy.

Introducing LogTen Pro X

The next evolution…

Of the world’s most advanced pilot logbook.

LogTen Pro X features a new, simple and elegant user interface designed to reduce distraction and help pilots focus on their data.

It is completely optimized for iOS 8, iPhone’s 6, and iCloud Drive as well as Mac OS X Yosemite and includes super fast flight entry, automatic GPS detection of nearest landing facilities, and advanced analytics helping pilots to ensure they are tracking their time efficiently and effectively, including commercial pilots managing complex rest and duty regulations such as FAR117 in the USA.

  • Lightning fast data entry with the all new Fly Now feature
  • The industry first Time Loupe enabling pilots to go backwards and forwards to see all dynamic currencies and limits at any moment in time including REST and FLIGHT DUTY periods for commercial pilots. In the US? We’ve got FAR117 covered
  • Automatic GPS detection of nearest landing facilities
  • Easy and professional PDF printing of over 100 different reports
  • One tap access to key analytics pilots need like Multi-Engine, Turbine, PIC, SIC, and Total Instrument time
  • No subscription required for students… use LogTen Pro X on all your devices until you’ve logged more than 40 hours of flight time
  • Try it for free through November 7th! Download LogTen Pro X on all your devices, then add unlimited new flights and syncing for less than a couple of lattés a month…
  • Over 200 new features and enhancements


Plan – using the new Dynamic Time Loupe™

The Time Loupe allows pilots to drag backwards and forwards in time to get up to the minute detail on all their user configurable, dynamic currencies and limits, now including rest and flight duty periods.

Commercial pilots can easily identify issues with rest, duty or flight duty period limits before they happen, including commercial pilots managing complex rest and duty regulations such as FAR117 in the USA.

And private pilots can quickly confirm they’ll be current for future flights they’re planning with a single swipe.

Fly now

The fastest logbook in the west just got faster – now pilots can log a new flight up to 3 times faster than LogTen Pro 6.

Fly Now inputs departure and arrival airports using location services. And one tap of the green clock icon inputs the time current. Aircraft and crew are copied from the previous flight, and auto fill times are populated automatically.


Analyze provides lightning fast access to some key analytics pilots need like Multi-Engine, Turbine, PIC, SIC, and Total Instrument time.

Analyze even breaks down the time for each aircraft type automatically.

And with LogTen Pro’s powerful Smart Groups to filter your time however you want, you can track anything about your flying, from how much tailwheel time you have to when the last time Joe Smith was the relief pilot on your Dubai trip.

Exporting and printing reports

reportsLogTen Pro X makes exporting and printing reports easier than ever.

LogTen Pro X now sorts report options by Overview, which includes Experience reports, Summaries, Duty/Limit reports, and Graphs; Logbooks, which allows you to present your data using the official formats for more than a dozen countries, as well as general non-country specific logbooks; and More, including Certificates and specially-formatted Export files.

Whether filling out IACRA forms, sharing data with an instructor, potential employer or regulatory agent, pilots can now email and or print PDF’s right from their iOS devices.

So reports are always consistent, always professional.

LogTen Pro X can be downloaded and used without restrictions on all your Apple devices until you have logged more than 40 hours of total flight time. After which, a single auto-renewing subscription (either monthly or annually) to the LogTen Pro X platform gives you unlimited access to the world’s most advanced pilot logbook on all your Apple devices, effortless syncing, and continuous updates and improvements for the latest devices and operating systems!

Download on the App Store
Download on the App Store