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iCloud Sync

Your logbook, instrument rated.

iCloud Sync is here! Now you can sync all of your Mac and iOS devices via iCloud, seamlessly and automatically*. With LogTen Pro 6.5, you can enter a scheduled flight on your Mac, head to the airport and the flight will be ready to go on your iPhone or iPad. You can then log further details enroute and when arriving home all the data will already be updated automatically on all your devices. Just like that.

* Requires Mac OS 10.8 and iOS 6 or later.

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Out of the box configuration.

Set up in seconds.

Getting started with LogTen Pro electronic pilot logbook for Mac is simple. As soon as you launch the program, you can choose from a number of pre-set configurations that best suit the type of flying you’re doing whether you’re a student, an certified flight instructor (CFI) or a commercial/airline pilot. And for those of you that prefer a custom configuration, setting it up is as intuitive as walking.

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Intuitive data entry.

Options galore.

Once you’ve set up LogTen Pro you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to input data into your logbook. You can re-arrange and re-name the columns to match the paper logbook you’re familiar with, or tune everything for your specific operation to speed data entry.

Add, remove, rename, resize, and re- arrange columns. Change the name in one place and the new name appears everywhere instantly. And you’ll find transferring over flights you’ve logged in another electronic log easy.

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Crew schedule importer.

Copy, paste, done.

If you’re a commercial pilot, you’ll love our schedule importer feature that enables pilots from over 100 airlines to import their schedules into their logbook at the touch of a (couple of) button(s).

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Visual duty limits.

Keeping you a step ahead of dispatch.

Now you can predict the future. The new duty limits screen gives you the power to see past, present and future flights all in simple to read graph form. So you can know immediately of any potential duty limit issues with the exact date and flight highlighted in red.

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Smart Groups.

Your data, at your fingertips.

Not only does LogTen Pro automatically track custom currency and duty limits, using Smart Groups you can filter and sort according to your specific situation.

Want to know flights logged with night time greater than 2 hrs in a B757? No problem.

With LogTen Pro, you can create your own currency or duty rules to handle virtually any regulation world wide. Answer questions anyone has (instructors? insurers? employers?) about your flight time in seconds.

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Print stunning reports.

Choose from over 100 built-in reports.

LogTen Pro comes with over 100 built-in high quality reports including the ability to print incredible logbooks that look just like the official formats for the USA, European Union, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, China, Argentina, South Africa and New Zealand, just to name a few.

Now with LogTen Pro 6.0 you can print dynamic reports. Just set up your logbook the way you want it and choose the dynamic report option and your report prints in the same format you set it up on screen.

Of course you can still create your own report format using the WebKit engine that drives Safari.

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Wireless syncing.

LogTen Pro 6 features fully bi-directional WiFi syncing that enables you to sync between LogTen Pro on Mac, iPad and iPhone so you can have LogTen Pro on all your devices. Each copy functions as a full backup of your logbook, and you can add, edit and remove flights on any device and then sync at your convenience.

* LogTen Pro for iPad and/or iPhone sold separately.
* All devices must be on the same major version of LogTen Pro to support syncing.

Outstanding technical support.

At Coradine, we pride ourselves on making sure your experience with our products is second to none. We offer prompt service and support for all our products at no charge, forever.

“The logbook is powerful and user-friendly. Perfect and quick to manage the day to day of a professional pilot. The strongest point of the software is definitely the support department. Every time I needed help I received a solution within 24 hours. Outstanding!”
- Capt F. Gosselin, Emirates Airlines, Airbus Fleet

The world’s most advanced logbook.

  • 64-bit support for maximum performance
  • Fully compatible with Mac OS X Mavericks
  • Comes with a database of over 28,000 landing facilities
  • Nearly 8,000 default aircraft types
  • Quick access to official aircraft registration information
  • Auto-completes information as you type
  • Search flights to quickly find flights with a particular crew member, place, or aircraft
  • Select a person, place, aircraft, or type and instantly see total time, and the associated flights
  • Tracks certificates, ratings, endorsements, medicals and flight reviews
  • Keep a journal including photographs with each flight
  • Easily export data
  • Integration with Google Earth and standard calendar systems

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