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What pilots are saying about LogTen Pro.

“Been using Log Ten Pro for years and the last version is superb! Not so long ago i wrote the support team about the idea of let mobile devices recognize the place, which is really important when it comes to helicopter pilots: we don’t spend our entire life between airports! …and with the last version, here it is: “fly now” option!! amazing! LogTen Pro X is “the jam” !!! Thank you, Coradine!!”
– Marco Mangiacavalli – AS365

“OMG… you guys are incredible. With great trepidation, expecting a myriad of hangups and barriers, I just blocked a couple hours to update my logbook with the file that you sent. It could not have been more user-freindly. Just click-click-click and it’s done. No mess, no fuss, no reconfiguring the multiphasic deflector array to compensate for subspace anti-nutrino wave fluctuations and Higgs-Boson particle streams. I guess my previous fears were driven by still thinking like a PC guy. I love my Mac and I love LTP! Thank you again.”
– Mark Brandon

“I came across LogTen Pro in 2008 and have been using it ever since!! Noah, Tom, Jeremy and the rest of the support team have been fantastic in helping tweak and solve any snags that have occurred over the years. The versatility of LogTen Pro is limitless!! and I have recommended LogTen Pro to all my fellow Mac aviators.”
– Tony Browne – Offshore Captain

“I found LogTen Pro while i was looking for a log book for my iPhone. I am training to become a commercial pilot and this app really helps me keep track of my hours at a glance instead of having to look at my paper log book and calculating everything! The iPhone app was so good that I decided to get the app for my Mac!”
– Daniel Grimmett

“LogTen Pro is my favorite aviation app!”
– Jeffrey Robert Moss, CEO of Flying Like the Pro’s and 2010 CFI of the year

“LogTen Pro is a MUST to all pilots. Easy to log every flight and here in Indonesia some days we fly up to 8 legs is very useful. Thanks Coradine!”
– Sergio Sanchez, Regional Airline ATR 72

“Due to great & prompt support from Jeremy I was able to very easily recover all of my data and get it onto my new phone after the old one crashed. Considering how often I use this app as a CFI, how useful it is, & the awesome support I received I will continue to get the new releases of this app!”
– Eric Sissel

“LogTen Pro is awsome! Just perfect for long haul flying loging. Thanks guys from Coradine!”
– Captain Tom Allemann

“LogTen Pro is an amazing and very useful app. A real MUST have! Easy to upload your roster, easy to visualize your reports, easy to customize your reports, easy … and I’m not a geek! But the real added value is unique technical support the Coradine Team is offering. Within 24 hours you have the exactly perfect solution of your problems. Good job Coradine … you just won the Pilot logbooks Gold Medal!”
– Sam

“I have had a few occasions where I needed more information and help with getting my logbook working how I like it. Right from the start I always had prompt and efficient support from Noah himself, and from his support staff. This dedication to customer service makes a great product even better. Well done, LogTenPro is the best logbook ever.”
– Roelof Botha – Sikorsky S92 Offshore IFR Captain

Excellent program. Smart and simple to understand. I can manage and control every minute of my flight with only few taps. As for me, this is the “must have” app for all pilots. Great job! Thanks!
– Dmitry Markelov – B737

“A big “Thank you” to the Coradine Team for such a great tool! The possibility to present a clean logbook in the appropriate format is particularly useful to Pilot with multiple licenses i.e. JAR/FAA etc… And most of all the ability to keep track of Duty & Flight time in “real time” is especially adequate for someone who flies many legs and hours everyday ! Again “Thank you” for THE ultimate Pilot Logbook!”
– JM Tholl – DHC6 Pilot, Maldivian Air Taxi

“The team have done a great job with LogTen Universal. It provides easy redundancy across all my devices with the exceptional quality and design that I have grown to expect out of their products. There are many great features in there for every pilot!”
– Trent Adams

“Discovering LogTen has changed how I log flights. Not only can I easily track tach and hobbs time, I can even keep a pic from the flight. The interconnection with Foreflight is also a breeze, after filing I just hit a button and most of the information is already there waiting for times and approaches. Need to know just your multi IFR time? True vs simulated IFR? How much just in C152? It’s all a few presses away with this program.”
– Zane Gard

“Thanks again for the great product – I simply do not know how I’d keep everything straight without you guys – Actually I do know – it took me hours a month to make sure I wasn’t illegal or going illegal for flights – now I synch after each flight upload when I get in from flying and its all at my fingertips. I had an FAA inspector on a few weeks ago and he asked me in flight how I knew I was “legal” to fly and I pulled out my iphone and he just smiled and said, “LogTen Pro?” and he said “Well then I know I don’t have to look at any of your stuff.”
– Sean Crotty – DC-10, World Airways

“Used this for the last 3 years logged 900 hours per year. Printed logbook attended interviews with logbook and it has impressed.This application is fantastic, easy, accessible and stable. The customer support, when required is super fast and superb.”
– Ole – B737

“Thanks to everyone at Coradine for a great product. I went in to my interview with confidence that my logbook presentation was a step ahead of the competition. I could see my interviewer was thoroughly impressed with my LogTen Pro printed logbook and did not dig deep looking for discrepancies. I believe having such a clean, organized logbook, helps convey a strong image of the type of pilot you are. I was offered the job and I believe LogTen Pro was a contributor to my success.”
– Kristjan Hardarson – Regional Airline CRJ/ERJ Pilot

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