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iCloud Sync

Your logbook, instrument rated.

iCloud Sync is here! Now you can sync all of your iOS and Mac devices via iCloud, seamlessly and automatically*. With LogTen Pro 6.5, you can enter a scheduled flight on your iPad, head to the airport and the flight will be ready to go on your iPhone. You can then log further details enroute and when arriving home all the data will already be updated automatically on your Mac. Just like that.

* Requires iOS 6 and Mac OS 10.8 or later

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Out of the box configuration.

Set up in seconds.

Getting started with LogTen Pro Universal pilot logbook is simple. As soon as you launch the program, you can choose from a number of pre-set configurations that best suit the type of flying you’re doing whether you’re a student pilot, a certified flight instructor (CFI) or a commercial/airline pilot. And for those of you that prefer a custom configuration, setting it up is as intuitive as walking.

We automatically select the most common fields for you based on the type of flying you do, and where you fly most. Fields you don’t need are completely hidden so that your whole logbook experience is tailored for you.

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Learn how to customize LogTen Pro, watch the videos:

Customize iPad video | Customize iPhone video

Intuitive data entry.

Options galore.

Once you’ve set up LogTen Pro Universal you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to input data into your logbook. You can add, remove, re-arrange and re-name the fields to match the paper logbook you’re familiar with, or tune everything for your specific operation to speed data entry. Change the name in one place and the new name appears everywhere.

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Know your limits.

Duty and rest at a glance.

The duty and rest bar in LogTen Pro Universal for iPhone and iPad is the best way for a pilot to see their “live” flight duty and rest time. Displayed directly on the Radar screen, when on duty, the duty/rest bar gives you a snapshot into your current scheduled duty, the elapsed time of your current duty, the remaining time for your current duty, your planned rest following the current duty period and your planned duty for the following duty period.

Packing a lot of information into a little package.

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Visual duty limits.

Keeping you a step ahead of dispatch.

Now you can predict the future. The new duty limits screen gives you the power to see past, present and future flights all in simple to read graph form. So you can know immediately of any potential duty limit issues with the exact date and flight highlighted in red.

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Smart Groups.

Your data, at your fingertips.

Not only does LogTen Pro automatically track custom currency and duty limits, using Smart Groups you can filter and sort according to your specific situation.

Want to know how much solo time you have? No problem.

With LogTen Pro, you can create your own currency or duty rules to handle virtually any regulation world wide. Answer questions anyone has (instructors? insurers? employers?) about your flight time in seconds.

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Track it all with trips.

Business or pleasure, flying or sitting.

LogTen Pro’s ‘Trips’ feature gives pilots the flexibility and control they need to keep track of their time and pay whether in the air or on the ground.

With ‘Trips’, Pilots can assign multiple flights to a single trip, they can input a per diem rate for flights as well as all other types of duty including Airport reserve, Business, Commute, Personal, Deadhead, Home reserve, Reposition , etc., and they can easily keep track of any expenses incurred on the trip.
Never again will you miss out any information relating to a trip you take.

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Digital signature with your finger.

Signed, sealed and delivered.

Student pilots and CFIs love this feature. With LogTen Pro’s new digital signature feature, now instructors and examiners can sign logbook entries and endorsements directly on the iPhone or iPad. Signed, sealed and delivered before you leave the airport!

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Outstanding technical support.

At Coradine, we pride ourselves on making sure your experience with our products is second to none. We offer prompt service and support for all our products at no charge, forever.

“The logbook is powerful and user-friendly. Perfect and quick to manage the day to day of a professional pilot. The strongest point of the software is definitely the support department. Every time I needed help I received a solution within 24 hours. Outstanding!”
- Capt F. Gosselin, Emirates Airlines, Airbus Fleet

The world’s most advanced logbook.

  • 100% Tested and verified in iOS 7
  • Full support for iPhone 5
  • Comes with a database of over 28,000 landing facilities
  • Nearly 8,000 default aircraft types
  • Search flights to quickly find flights with a particular crew member, place, or aircraft
  • Select a person, place, aircraft, or type and instantly see total time, and the associated flights
  • Tracks certificates, ratings, endorsements, medicals and flight reviews
  • Take photos right on your iPhone and link them to any item
  • Easily export data

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