• Universal for Intel
  • Up to 10 times faster than LogTen 2.x
  • Document based (save your data as a file, where you choose, and save as many as you like)
  • Filters have been replaced with “Smart Groups” – You can now organize these groups however you like, including into folders
  • Much more powerful “filtering” with smart groups
  • Major User interface changes that streamline workflows making data entry faster and easier
  • Manage separate lists of
    • Airports
    • Aircraft Types
    • Aircraft
    • People
    • Certificates
  • Keep a Journal
    You can now add a photograph to a flight (as well as aircraft, airports, and people) and keep a journal entry for each flight! Journal entries can contain styled text, fonts, images, and provides full spell checking services.
  • Automatic Updates
    LogTen Pro can check for new versions at startup and automatically update itself when a new version is available!
  • Extremely powerful reporting system allows you to create report templates using HTML and CSS to do just about anything you can imagine. Report styles for the standard Jeppesen Professional Pilot log and the ASA Master Pilot log are included out of the “box”.


  • Universal Binary
  • Re-architected using Apple’s CoreData framework
  • Up to 10 times faster than LogTen 2.x
  • New Features to Speed Data Entry
    • “Quick Entry” tab that combines the most commonly used items into one place for fast access
    • You can now specify “Auto Enter” times, so for example if you always fly PIC and XC you could check those on the Time tab of the Flight Details view and then whenever you enter the Total Time PIC and XC would be automatically filled for you.
    • Default aircraft, airports, and crew members

User Interface

  • Document Based
  • Unlimited Undo
  • New Reporting System
  • New Simplified Importing System – Easier to use, more robust, and faster!
  • Say Goodbye to the Inspector

    The Inspector has been scrapped in favour of a more simple interface. You now have a flight detail view in the main window (it can be hidden under the View menu, as well as the group list if you want maximum data viewing). Here you can quickly access everything about a flight or group of selected flights.
  • Inline totals!!

    No more expanding and collapsing a drawer with totals that don’t line up with your data. Totals are displayed at the foot of each appropriate column in the main view.
  • New “Next Leg” button creates a new flight based on the current selection but taking the arrival or “to” airport and making it the departure or “from” airport for the new flight.
  • Quick Pick

    Virtually everything you select from a list comes from the “Manage Resources” window. Here you can manage all your items, and specify which should be displayed in menus.
  • When you make configuration changes you don’t like, you can actually hit cancel to go back to what you had rather than having to revert to defaults and start over! 🙂

Managing Resources

  • Aircraft : Types and ID’s
    Huge improvements in managing aircraft. You now manage two separate lists: Aircraft Types, and actual Aircraft. This greatly reduces your efforts of inputting data, simply enter the few types, then when you enter an aircarft ID select the type.
  • Airports
    You can now track all sorts of data for airports as well as manage the list to ensure you see what you want. In the future this will make it possible to add automatic distance calculations based on lat and lon using great circle formulas.
  • Address Book
    Much more control over managing all the people involved in your flying. Manage the list here, then add them to flights as crew or passengers.
  • Certificates
    Track them all here, everything from Medicals to Endorsements.


  • Organize
    You can structure your groups however you like, and group the groups into folders to your hearts content
  • Smart Groups
    Smart groups give you much more control than ever before, and allow you to track currency and various regulations as well. Take a look at some of the default groups to see how it works.
  • Running Total
    By default a smart group will display the Total Time for the found flights, however if you have “Treat criteria as minimums for the period” selected it will display the days remaining until you no longer meet the criteria. In “minimums” mode it works great for currency, in maximums mode you can use it to track how close you are to to a regulated maximum for flight time or duty time. In this mode the total will display the amount of time left until you reach the maximum.
  • Search key selection is simplified by providing a category menu rather than having them all in one giant menu
  • Advanced Predicates
    Want to get really fancy? You can now use Apple’s Predicate syntax to create your own, or modify existing search queries

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