How to update

LogTen Pro 3 and later has a built-in update system. If you already have LogTen Pro 3 or later then simply launch your copy and (if you chose to have it check on startup) it will automatically notify you that the new version is available and offer to install it for you. If you have NOT chosen to have it check for updates on startup you can choose “Check for updates…” under the LogTen Pro menu.

If you have not installed LogTen Pro yet, then you can download a copy from the product page.

What’s New in This Release…

  • Built-in airport database with over 10,000 airports worldwide
  • Automatic distance calculation between airports (display in NM, SM, or KM)
  • One click importing – Import a file once and the next time you import a file with the same format LogTen will recognize it so you can just click import. Great for regular imports from your PDA.
  • You can now specify the number of past years groups to show under All Flights, and you can choose to include months
  • Quickly limit flights in a report by date: In the reports window you can now specify to only print flights after a certain date. The date will default to the last time you printed.
  • Now track two id’s for an aircraft such as tail number and registration, or if you just want to name your aircraft “Betty”.
  • Track additional custom text fields for an aircraft
  • Quick access to more attributes on the common tab of the aircraft manager
  • You can now display decimal time to two places of precision (set in Preferences under the LogTen Pro menu)
  • New: Preferences (under the LogTen Pro menu) is for preferences that apply to all documents, where as “Configure” in the toolbar of a logbook sets things that apply only to that particular logbook

Fixed in This Release…

  • Importing of dates and crew members is now more robust
  • Searching for crew members in the search field in the toolbar now works as expected. (Note that you can use wild card characters to broaden your search, such as “*” and “?”)
  • General restructuring of the Airport tab of the resource manager to improve usability
  • Reports now save the last selected template
  • Report and Resource Manager windows should now correctly save their size and position
  • Reports will now refresh both CSS and HTML changes when you click apply – very important when developing a custom template!
  • You can now enter “0” (zero) for weather conditions – most numeric fields in LogTen do not display zero values
  • Improved formatting of status and medical information in the main window
  • Improved the group display
  • The Totals Report template has been corrected to show Night PIC, Night SIC, and Night Landings as PIC
  • Improved how relevant certificates are removed from a flight
  • Time display formats should now update everywhere immediately, and stay that way!


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