Featuring iPhone integration via LogTen Mobile, automatic night time calculation, and the ability to visualize your flights in Google Earth™

Portland, OR USA – January 08, 2008 – Coradine Aviation Systems today released a major update to its pilot logbook for Mac OS X. LogTen Pro provides seamless integration with LogTen Mobile allowing pilots to keep their logbook up to date as well as monitor currency requirements, duty limits, and certificate status all on their iPhone! The system leverages key Apple technologies such as CoreData to provide fast, reliable and accurate time tracking. With support for international flight rules, the ability to track operating capacities, duty times, medical and virtually any type of currency or regulation limits, as well as completely customizable flight information, and built in support for printing reports in industry standard formats LogTen Pro has the power to meet the needs of the most demanding pilots from anywhere in the world.

British Airways 777 Captain Norman Rhodes, said, “Coradine has a winner here; however you paddle your way around the sky, you can record every conceivable evolution with this software. I would heartily recommend it to any pilot with a Mac.”

Innovative new features include: LogTen Mobile for syncing with iPhone and iPod Touch, providing pilots access to critical information without having to access their computer; automatic night time calculation; the ability to visualize flight data in Google Earth™ lets pilots see their flights like never before; the incredibly powerful Smart Group system which can be used to track currency & duty limits for pilots operating under any international regulatory body, and quickly find flights matching specific criteria; the Resource Manager, provides a powerful easy to use system for managing all the Aircraft, Airports, People, and Certificates that are critical to every pilot, along with the ability to quickly look up details such as aircraft registration and airport data using tools such as Wikipedia and Google Maps.

Noah Lieberman, President of Coradine said “Since 2004, when we launched the first Mac based Pilot Logbook software, LogTen Pro has given Pilots using the Apple Mac the ability to digitally manage their flight time, giving them a lot more control and easier access to their data. Now with LogTen Pro 4.0, we’re thrilled to announce integration with our new LogTen Mobile service for iPhone, making LogTen Pro the must have logbook software for all pilots.”

Pricing and Availability

LogTen Pro is available now, product details are available here. Download and try the application today, log up to 40hrs of flight time before committing to buy at US$99.

Coradine has been developing applications for Macintosh since 1992, and has a proven track record of bringing exceptional products to market for over 13 years. Founded by pilot, engineer and interface designer Noah Lieberman, Coradine continues to lead the industry in providing high quality software for the Macintosh platform.

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