Bringing critical information for pilots to the iPhone and iPod Touch

Portland, OR USA – July 22, 2008 – Coradine Aviation Systems, today released a major new product for users of Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch: LogTen Mobile 2. LogTen Mobile 2 distills the power of it’s big brother LogTen Pro into the perfect mobile logbook companion. Add, review and update flights, view live updating totals, and track currency and duty limits, as well as certificates.

A fully customizable, standalone, “native” iPhone application, completely integrated with LogTen Pro for the mac, LogTen Mobile 2 really puts your flight time in your pocket. LogTen Mobile 2 does not require an internet connection so you can update your logbook anywhere, check totals in the bush, or show off your type ratings at FL340!.

Innovative new features include: Quickly check currency, duty limits, and certificate status; add new flights; sync wirelessly and effortlessly with LogTen Pro 4.5, all with your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Noah Lieberman, President of Coradine said “Since 2004, when we launched the first Mac based Pilot Logbook software, LogTen Pro has given Pilots using the Apple Mac the ability to digitally manage their flight time, giving them a lot more control and easier access to their data. Now with LogTen Mobile 2 and LogTen Pro 4.5, we’re very excited to be putting pilots flight times right in their pocket.”

Pricing and Availability

LogTen Mobile 2 should be available on the Apple App Store no later than July 24th, click here for full product details. LogTen Mobile 2 is available for just $39USD.

Coradine has been developing applications for Macintosh since 1992, and has a proven track record of bringing exceptional products to market for over 13 years. Founded by pilot, engineer and interface designer Noah Lieberman, Coradine continues to lead the industry in providing high quality software for the Macintosh platform.


  • Has this released to the Apple App Store yet? I’ve been checking since the 24th and haven’t seen it.

  • Apple is experiencing a heavy load of submissions to the App Store and is unfortunately currently taking about a week to process new submissions. This means we should be able to expect LogTen Mobile 2.0 on the App Store some time on Tuesday, July 29th. Once it’s available, you will be able to find it in the Travel and Productivity categories, as well as simply by searching for LogTen, or just logbook.

    Thank you for your patience, and your business!

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