I’m very excited to announce that LogTen Mobile 2, our professional logbook for the iPhone, has been approved by Apple and is now available for purchase in the App Store! Fire up iTunes, or just bring up the App Store on your iPhone or iPod Touch and search for LogTen.

LogTen Mobile: Your logbook in your pocket!


  • How do I enter my relief pilots in LogTen Mobile 2? It appears I can only enter my flying F/O.

  • You are correct, you can only enter PIC/P1 and SIC/P2 at this time. Additional crew capabilities is on my list!



  • I just got Logten Mobile. How do I delete the demoflight out of the system??

    JFO 737-7/8

  • Can I add OUT/OFF ON/IN, etc times to my logbook on the iPhone without being hooked up to the internet? For example when the phone is “airplane safe” mode, etc.

  • Absolutely! LogTen Mobile NEVER requires an internet connection for ANY function, and it makes no difference if you’re in airplane mode or not.

  • I have yust learned about logten and I want to know if i have to buy both, logten pro and logten mobile to use it on my notebook and i-phone? or does the logten pro version already include logten mobile?

    thanks, chris

  • I have an iphone and would love to be able to use this program. Will it sync or work with a PC like itunes?

  • Dear Sirs:

    I purchased the Log Ten Pro System through iTunes this week. I’m entering my flight information in my computer but when reached 40 hours, the system is indicating that a license must be purchased.

    Please advise.

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