Update for LogTen Pro 5

Our latest update includes new features and enhancements that make logging time even easier for pilots whether they’re in the air or on the ground. This update will be especially useful to commercial and business pilots and includes:

LogTen Pro Mac’s new Trips tool which gives Airline and Business pilots the flexibility and control they were looking for to keep track of their time and pay whether in the air or on the ground. Pilots can now assign multiple flights to a single ‘Trip’, they can input a per diem rate for flights as well as all other types of duty including Airport reserve, Business, Commute, Deadhead, Home reserve, Reposition , etc., and they can also easily keep track of any expenses incurred on the trip.  To learn more about how this feature works, click here!

Over 50 more airlines have been added to the popular “schedule importer” function which enables pilots to import their flight schedules directly into LogTen Pro, saving a huge amout of data entry time. This includes AIMS and iCal schedules and doubles the number of airlines supported by the functionality to over 100 worldwide. For a full list of supported airlines click here!

Pilots can now share their logbooks online by publishing them direct from LogTen Pro Mac to Coradine’s online logbook sharing site at www.my.logten.com

We’ve also enhanced the Auto-enter and ‘picker’ features to make entering data even faster.

This update is free for LogTen Pro 5 users and should update automatically for you. If not, just choose “Check for updates” from the LogTen Pro menu!

If you’re new to LogTen Pro, click here for more info and the link to our free trial download!