We all have them in aviation. There are goals for ratings, for job qualifications, for personal reasons… So how do you use LogTen Pro to help you track your goals? Smart Groups can help us track our goals. Let’s take a look at a recent inquiry from a customer working on a helicopter instrument rating in the United States.

According to Federal Aviation Regulations 61.65 (e), the pilot needs to acquire a total of 50 hours of Cross-country Pilot in Command [61.65(e)(1)] time and 40 hours of either simulated or actual instrument time [61.65(e)(2)] in order to qualify for the practical exam. Using Smart Groups, he can create two groups to show him his total accumulated time leading towards those specific requirements. The number on the right of each smart group then represents the total time accumulated that matches each of the criteria.

For the Cross-Country PIC goal, set up a new smart group with two criteria matched to “All”:

  • Time, PIC >= 0
  • Flight, Distance > 50

For the Instrument Time goal, set up another smart group with two criteria matched to “Any”:

  • Time, Actual Instr. >=0
  • Tim, Sim. Instr. >=0

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