…making it easier for pilots to take their logbook electronic.

Portland, OR USA – July 25th, 2012 – Coradine Aviation Systems, makers of LogTen Pro for Mac, iPhone & iPad, announced today a partnership agreement with ConvertMyLogbook.com to help pilots convert their paper logbook into LogTen Pro’s electronic format.

“We’re excited to promote ConvertMyLogbook to our current and potential customers,” said Noah Lieberman, CEO of Coradine Aviation. “‘At trade-shows like Oshkosh, one question we often receive is ‘how do I convert my paper logbook to LogTen Pro’. Now with ConvertMyLogbook, we have the answer.”

The CovertMyLogbook process ensures pilots don’t ever lose sight of their logbook, and within 3 weeks of order, pilots receive their completed LogTen Pro logbook. Thereby enabling them to take full advantage of LogTen Pro’s advanced features.

“ConvertMyLogbook is excited to partner with Coradine Aviation to make pilots’ complete transition to an electronic logbook easy, whether it’s LogTen Pro for iPhone & iPad or Mac,” said Joe McNamee, co-founder of ConvertMyLogbook. “LogTen Pro has been our own personal logbook of choice for many years, so it was a natural fit for us. And now, together we can transform an aviators logbook from a simple spreadsheet to a record that tells the story of a lifelong journey.”

To learn more about ConvertMyLogbook, visit: www.convertmylogbook.com