LogTen Pro for iPad chosen as recommended electronic logbook by Flying Like The Pros for their new online GA pilot flight training program.

Portland, OR USA – Aug 28th, 2012 – Coradine Aviation Systems, makers of LogTen Pro for Mac, iPhone & iPad, is excited to have been chosen as the recommended electronic logbook for Flying Like The Pros online training program.

The Flying Like the Pros comprehensive training program has over 50 individual instruction videos that focus on scenario based training that is proven in the cockpit. Instruction is given by the world’s leading airline pilots and instructor pilots.

“We chose LogTen Pro for iPad because it is the most comprehensive and intuitive electronic logbook on the market.”, said Flying Like the Pros CEO and 2010 National CFI of the Year Jeffrey Robert Moss, ‘MossY’. “The result is a Logbook that can grow with GA pilots throughout their flying lives, whether they continue to fly for recreation or move on to become instructors, commercial, military or airline pilots.“

A number of the flight training videos are offered as ‘try before you buy’ examples of the program including the “Currency and Logging on the iPad” video which is co-presented by Coradine Aviation’s COO Torea Rodriguez . Said Ms. Rodriguez, “It was great fun to present alongside MossY and highlight the importance of logging flight time and maintaining currency with LogTen Pro.”

MossY added, “LogTen Pro was an easy choice as our recommended electronic pilot logbook for iPad – it’s the App we all use.”

To learn more about FlyingLikeThePros, visit: www.FlyingLikeThePros.com