Coradine Aviation announces partnership with Professional Pilot
Print, enabling European pilots using LogTen Pro for Mac, iPhone
and iPad to print and bind their electronic logbook seamlessly –
with immaculate results.

Portland, OR USA – March 12th, 2013 – Coradine Aviation Systems has chosen Professional Pilot Print as their recommended printer of choice for European users of their market-leading logbook for Mac, iPhone and iPad – LogTen Pro.

Optimizing LogTenPro reports for printing on Professional Pilot Print’s high quality logbook paper and binding in their leather-bound binders will empower pilots to maximize the benefits of Coradine’s advanced software while enabling them to create the best physical logbook possible. The resulting logbook will impress instructors, insurance companies and employers alike.

“We’re excited about this partnership, it combines the best of the digital world with the best of the analog world. Pilots get all the benefits of an electronic logbook for flight data analysis at the same time as a fantastic looking printed logbook”, said Robert Hodgkinson, Managing Director for Professional Pilot Print (

Noah Lieberman, CEO for Coradine agrees, “Europe is a very important market for us. The partnership with Professional Pilot Print will make printing and binding amazing looking reports a snap for our European based customers, ultimately saving pilots time and money.”

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