OS-X-Mavericks-logoApple Announces Release of OS X Mavericks Today

Apple Events tend to be very exciting for a number of people. Today, Apple announced the public release of their latest operating system for the Mac, OS X Mavericks (10.9). While some of us want to rush out to get the latest, we ask that if you rely on LogTen Pro 6 for the Mac, that you wait until 6.0.14 is approved by Apple.

Currently LogTen Pro products version 6.0.13 and earlier are not compatible with OS X Mavericks (10.9). As of today, 22 October 2013, our 6.0.14 release that contains the compatibility fixes is under review with Apple. It will be released as soon as Apple has approved it. We want you to have 6.0.14 as quickly as the process allows!

What changed?

Changes in OS X Mavericks APIs required us to rewrite a number of core functions within our apps. LogTen Pro 6.0.14 will be a free update!

What about LogTen Pro 5?

Unfortunately, because of the changes in OS X Mavericks, LogTen Pro 5 cannot be made compatible. Much has changed since OS X Lion (10.7), which was the current Mac OS when LogTen Pro 5 development was completed in 2011. LogTen Pro 5 is supported on OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) and earlier.