Certified Flight Instructor Webinar

Our first Coradine LIVE webinar recording is LIVE!
Great tips for Certified Flight Instructors on how to use LogTen Pro

And here are the time-coded show notes so you can quickly access the information that most interests you:

00:45 Introduction of CFI, Toréa Rodriguez
01:45 Specific fields to use as a CFI
07:54 Recording Endorsements given
10:40 Copying text from AC61-65E
14:22 Tracking expiring endorsements
16:53 Keeping track/inputing Lesson/course numbers for a Part 141 school
19:10 Reporting on various category and classes
23:10 Searching endorsements by student
25:22 How to log ground and training device sessions
31:10 How to quickly log flights with multiple students in a day
30:31 Logging student requirements for ratings and certificates
35:20 Closing

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