Portland, OR USA – December 11th, 2013 – Leon Software has launched the latest version of their business aviation scheduling software with the added feature of data sharing with LogTen Pro. Pilots at companies across Europe using Leon can now share their schedule with LogTen Pro at the touch of a button.

“Electronic logbooks, along with electronic flight bags are inevitably replacing paper in aviation therefore the integration with Coradine’s LogTen Pro was a natural step for us.” – said Leon CEO, Pawel Czubilinski, “We had a number of pilots request this feature and we were happy to discover that implementing the code to enable pilots to easily export all their flights directly from Leon to their LogTen Pro logbook is very straightforward.”

Integration with LogTen Pro is made easier by LogTen Pro’s publicly available Application Programming Interface (API). The API provides all the necessary information for companies wishing to integrate with the logbook software. LogTen Pro’s API has already been implemented by companies such as ForeFlight, Jeppesen Crew Alert and Roster Buster.

Noah Lieberman, Coradine CEO said – “It’s great to have Leon integrating with LogTen Pro to make pilots’ lives easier. We built our public API for exactly this reason and it’s fantastic to see developers like Leon using it.”