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  • 13 line Jeppesen Pro Pilot format
  • AirlineApps.com
  • AirlineApps.com (Military)
  • Australian ATC logbook
  • Chilean DGAC
  • Duty Limit and Days Off Report
  • Français
  • Hong Kong
  • Summary by Month
  • UK


We’ve been hard at work building out a new server system with full redundancy, load balancing, and automatic scalability to handle any level of traffic. This makes it possible for us to deliver faster, even more secure (full end to end encryption) logbook services for you. To start this is for report and logbook sharing via my.logten.com, but it provides the platform for many new services on the horizon as well!


  • SPEED! Improved performance, and dramatically reduced startup time.
  • Logbooks are now able to automatically fix the sorting issue causing the annoying “Unable to Load Data” message.
  • Improved adding photos on iPad
  • The Fly Now tab now remembers all your settings even if you leave LogTen Pro and re-open it.
  • Improved identification of situations where we can offer to copy crew info from a previous flight.
  • We no longer create a new place if we have invalid coordinates (like 0,0), when using the GPS to select the nearest place.
  • Improved Smart Group Creation
  • Improved support for swipe to delete on Smart Groups.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the order of smart groups to change after adding a new one.
  • Added 83.5×83.5 @2x app icon (Yes, seriously)


  • You can now flag or unflag locked flights!
  • Major improvements to the route editor! Now you can add airports in any order, remove, and re-arrange them as you would expect.
  • Improved display of scheduled totals in the status bar
  • Squashed several bugs that could cause the search popover windows where you select things like aircraft, types, places, and people to get stuck.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause double characters to appear when typing in a from or to field after deleting a place.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent you from editing a flight directly below a locked flight in the table view.
  • Duty/Limit graphs now correctly display axis labels again!
  • Fixed an issue where images were not showing the selection highlight correctly.


  • Now using the auto-fill shortcut (space bar on Mac, green arrow on iOS) for Night time will attempt to calculate the correct portion of night time on the flight if you have Out and In times and Lat and Long coordinates for the airports. If not, it will still copy the Total time.
  • New and improved system for sending data to support for assistance which allows large attachements.
  • Improved sync of Smart Groups via WiFi.
  • Improved the automatic creation of new “year” calendar groups at the end of the year.
  • Improved expiring certificate notifications.
  • Deleting a flight with Duty or FDP times now triggers a refresh of the surrounding flights to update totals appropriately.
  • Improved iCloud Sync performance.
  • Corrected an issue which could prevent in-app support requests reaching our support team when sent from Hotmail addresses.
  • Improved sync of hobbs and tach times.
  • Enhanced troubleshooting capabilities for the rare cases where something just isn’t working quite right, now our engineers will be able to better identify the issue so we can make LogTen Pro X even better for you!
  • Improved performance and reliability.


Thanks so much for choosing LogTen Pro! If you have any questions, please contact our fantastic support team right in the app from the Help tab.

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