In late January Coradine exhibited at the NGPA Winter Warm Up in Palm Springs. With many airlines interviewing at the conference, we had a ton of questions about how LogTen Pro X can help with job interviews. Following the conference we wanted to be sure you all knew how much interviewers love seeing LogTen Pro logbooks. 

So if you or anyone you know is looking for a pilot job, check out the new Pilot Job Prep page on the website to learn more about all the ways LogTen Pro X helps you get ready.

A few ways LogTen Pro X helps you prepare for your next interview:

  • Ensuring your logbook is current to the latest flight
  • Perfect logbook print outs
  • Airline Apps and Pilot Credentials reports exported in seconds
  • Any total you want, automatically broken down by aircraft type and time period
  • Smart groups that enable you to answer ANY question about your logged time

New Job Preparation Videos

We've also added two new tutorial videos to the Pilot Job Prep page, the first showing just how easy it is to email or print the job applications you need. And the second showing how to set up the Smart Groups our resident professional pilot used to answer a few recent job interview questions.*

Need help setting up a custom Smart Group? Check our our knowledge basetutorial videos, and contact our fantastic support team at!

*Note: He got the job!