This little release, which we are dubbing “Ace”, has some important fixes, recommended for all users!
– Fixes an issue that could cause a device to stop syncing with iCloud
– Fixes an issue that could cause the scaling and cropping of a photo on the iPad to not be saved as expected
– Improved performance and reliability

A small number of users have been having trouble with iCloud Sync. Most often this exhibits as a device no longer wanting to sync, while others still work fine. Thanks to their patience and willingness to assist with troubleshooting our engineers were finally able to isolate this unexpected behavior from iCloud and create a solution. It’s tough to track down and fix an issue when it only happens in rare situations, and of course, never in the lab! So we’re very happy to have tracked this down.

Please install this update right away, and if you continue to have ANY trouble with iCloud Sync, please contact our support team right away (you can do so from the Help tab in the app on iPhone or iPad, or the Help menu on the Mac).