Need a summary of your overnights for tax or any other reason?

Just click here and the report will be added to your LogTen Pro X automatically!
Note: on the Mac, you may need to click out of LogTen Pro, and then back into the app to trigger the reports page to refresh and show the new report.

Even better, with LogTen Pro X you can enter CONUS/OCONUS rates to make your life even easier! Here's how you do it:

Adding CONUS/OCUNUS to LogTen Pro X for iOS

To add the CONUS/OCONUS Rate fields in LogTen Pro X for iOS, tap 'More' > 'Places' > then tap any place in the list and tap 'Edit' in the top right, then 'Configure section ...' and turn ON the CONUS and OCONUS rate fields. Then simply add in the rates for each of your locations. Watch the video!

Adding CONUS/OCONUS rates to LogTen Pro for Mac

On the Mac, just click on Places and add the rate to the appropriate field.