On our way to WAI

Thanks in part to LogTen Pro 🙂

At Coradine we want to help all pilots advance their career in aviation. That's what our #LogTenLife campaign is all about. And it is with this goal in mind that we have been a Women in Aviation International (WAI) corporate sponsor for many years and have attended the WAI Conference every year since 2011.

As a special bonus this year, we were very happy to have received a request from the University of North Dakota to sponsor a member of their WAI Chapter to attend the show. We jumped at the chance and the UND team will be picking up their sponsorship check from our booth (#323!) at the show, sporting their new #LogTenLife t-shirts. We hope they have a great show and fantastic time in Nashville. And anyone else who will be at the show, please stop by and see us ... again that's booth 323!

We want to know about your #LogTenLife

When did you know you wanted to be a pilot? What has been your favourite experience as a pilot? What was the biggest challenge you've had to face as a pilot? What would your advice be for anyone wanting to be a pilot?

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