Day 2 for Levi Brown

June 26, 2016By Paul Edney

 Day 2 for Levi – 75 miles down, 75 to goThe word from Levi on day 2 is that he’s “feeling better than I expected. Pretty tired this AM, but here … Read More

Doppler Effect Update

June 24, 2016By Paul Edney

 We have an update from Doppler Effect!”It’s been pretty busy between flying, fueling, cleaning, getting hotels and everything else.  We are currently in Champaign, IL and last night we stayed in Midland, … Read More

Sponsoring Team Passion

June 17, 2016By Paul Edney

 Levi Brown Flies (on his road bike) for MSThe Coradine Team is very excited to be sponsoring one of our own, VP of Engineering Levi Brown (no connection to Leroy), … Read More