We're excited to have a new US based option for pilots wishing to print and bind their logbook professionally. We've already had customers comment on the quality, speed and professionalism of ProSoft Binders. If you're needing a professional print/bind of your logbook, try ProSoft:

"Stand out at your airline interview or check ride. ProSoft Binders provides high quality logbook binders, supplies and report printing services to professional pilots using today’s logbook software. Our large capacity slant D-ring binders hold up to 250 sheets (500 pages) and lies completely flat. This is ideal when viewing wide dual-page reports (such as LogTen Pro’s  popular Jeppesen 27 report). Update your logbook in seconds using our simple 3-ring construction, adding pages as time accumulates. A large inside pocket can hold copies of your resume or other papers. Optional organizer tabs can be used to separate reports, summaries, endorsements, charts/graphs and other paperwork. Pre-punched paper is available in a unique light “aviator green” or bright white. We can even handle your report printing. Insert one of our business cards (with your ratings) in the clear holder and you’re ready to go.  Have an upcoming interview? Short notice? Need it in a hurry? No problem."


Customer Praise for ProSoft:

“I went with Prosoft Binders and I am so happy I did! I called Patricia at Prosoft to ask questions and she was more than helpful in explaining everything and helping me decide on the logbook and printing options that best suited my needs. I got an email that my logbook had shipped the day after I ordered it and I received it in about 5 days, with just the Priority Mail option! I do appreciate that if need be they will expedite the shipping to overnight or next day and can mail your logbook to a hotel if it’s a last minute decision to print before an interview or job fair. The logbook looks great! It’s a beautiful vinyl leather 3 ring binder in landscape with pockets to hold resumes and cover letters as well as a pocket to hold business cards. They have the option of white or aviation green paper that matches a Jeppesen style logbook. The binder holds 8 1/2" X 11" paper in landscape format which is nice because you can add pages by simply printing them off your home printer and hole punching it to fit in the binder. You can order paper through them if you choose (finding aviation green can be difficult so ordering through them is a nice option) 3 hole punched. They also customize the front cover of the binder with a variety of wing emblems and your name which is a very nice touch. Prosoft offers a variety of paper products that you can add to your binder such as dividers, business cards, extra paper and resume printing. This a beautiful logbook that I can be proud of and is easy to maintain and keep updated. I am excited to present my logbook to potential future employers. Thank you for seeking out Prosoft Binders to partner with!”