LogTen Pro & Aviation Insider Partnership

Over the past 2 years Aviation Insider and Coradine have been working together to help pilots. And we’re excited to announce that any pilot new to LogTen Pro who attends a simulator session with Aviation Insider can get a free 6 month subscription for LogTen Pro on iOS and Mac.

FYI – UK based Aviation Insider is a one-stop-shop for news, gossip, information and the latest products, including type rating question banks on the a320, a330, B737 and the Dash 8 Q400. They have more than 50 pilots/instructors and examiners for all different airlines helping pilots prepare for their airline simulator assessments. Together, Aviation Insider and LogTen Pro help prepare students and current pilots with:

  • airline simulator assessments for their airline interview and simulator assessment
  • the leading electronic logbook for Mac and iOS to track flight/duty/rest/SIM time with maximum efficiency and analytical capabilities

The Final word goes to our friends at AI:
“We’re proud to call Coradine our partners and absolutely love their easy to use reliable log book. We have trialed other versions of electronic logbooks from other companies and many are dated and hard to use. As the saying goes โ€“ you get what you pay for.” โ€“ Gary Saul, AI Management Team