Introducing LogTen Pro 8.1 with MyWorldView

LogTen Pro 8.1 delivers a big impact with the awesome new MyWorldView feature.

MyWorldView visualizes your flying on the world map โ€“ where you flew last month, this year, or in your whole #LogTenLife is now just a tap away.

Use this to get a fantastic overview of where your tailwinds have taken you, visualize routes for a specific time period, aircraft, or whatever combination you can dream up!

Check out the video!

Other exciting lifts in LogTen Pro 8.1 include:

  • Support forย backing up huge logbooks up to 4GB
  • New algorithms on the Mac to intelligently filter content for Aircraft, People and Places
  • Tweaked InSight feature on the Mac to improve nested group calculations
  • Enhanced support experience:
    • You can now visit and log in with your existing Coradine Account credentials to be able to explore our shiny new Knowledge Base and submit a request if you have a question. Onwards and upwards!

Blue skies,
Team Coradine