Our resident writer, Raya Lieberman, is back with our second #LogTenLife - My Pilot Life story. Check out Gary Saul's story below, and if you’d like to share your #LogTenLife, send Raya a note through our help site at support.coradine.com!

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Flying Was Always in My Future

By Raya Lieberman

For almost as long as he can remember, Gary Saul, LogTen Pro user and head of Aviation Insider, has been passionate about aviation. From spending Sunday afternoons as a toddler watching planes take off with his Gran, to aviation themed art projects in school, it was pretty much inevitable from a young age that flying would be in his future. As soon as he was able to save up the money, he started flying lessons. 

Now a pilot for 8 years, Gary is living his childhood dream. His airline job means he gets to see plenty of new places, like Gibraltar and Mykonos which he likes especially because they require visual approaches and pose a bit more of a challenge. 

Today, Gary is a busy guy. If he isn’t flying an a320, keeping up with his LogTen Pro logbook, or running Aviation Insider which helps clients prepare for their airline simulator assessments, you might find him playing tennis. His other childhood dream was to play sports, and though he stopped for a while, he now plays for his airline’s 6 aside club. 

When asked why he uses LogTen Pro, Gary immediately pointed out its ease of use. He said “I fly with many pilots who have different variants of log books from paper to excel spreadsheets. Personally, LogTen Pro’s my favorite because it’s easy to use, always in your pocket and can instantly pull up previous flights and data for review and analysis.” Gary’s also passionate about helping the aviation industry be more environmentally friendly. When I asked him about how he imagines aviation in 100 years, he described his hope for ultra-fuel efficient aircraft, but for now he’s doing his part to save paper by logging his flights electronically. 

Gary spoke highly of the many other pilots he has flown with, and when I asked who inspired him most he explained that he doesn’t have just one role model or inspiration, but that he appreciates so many captains he’s flown with who have taught him to be a better leader and pilot. We couldn’t agree more. Without so many pilots providing feedback, feature ideas, and inspiration for improving LogTen Pro since we launched version 1 in 2003, we’d never have gotten to where we are today. 

Finally, I want to thank Gary for taking the time to chat with us, and also thank all of you who have made LogTen Pro a part of your life as a pilot. We’re honored. Do you want to tell us your #LogTenLife story? Get in touch – support.coradine.com