NGPA Awards over $150,000 For Aviation Scholarships, and LogTen Pro for all Winners and Applicants.

We’re excited to share yesterday’s NGPA announcement of over $150,000 in scholarships awarded to aviators moving through their career in aviation. As a new platinum sponsor of the NGPA, Coradine is very happy to be providing LogTen Pro to all sponsorship applicants.

Coradine CEO Noah Lieberman said,”Supporting inclusivity and diversity in aviation is a core value at Coradine. Together with the NGPA, we wanted to find a creative way to help support the success of every applicant. We’re very excited to be offering a free year’s subscription to LogTen Pro for iPhone, iPad and Mac to all 270 applicants this year.”

All pilots must keep track of their flying independently. By offering LogTen Pro to NGPA scholarship applicants, NGPA is:

  • Supporting the aviation career of each pilot
  • Ensuring pilots are logging time in the most professional, efficient manner possible
  • Helping pilots to ensure they are always operating safely within regulated limits
  • Enabling pilots to access the smart groups and reporting features of LogTen Pro that can help them track goals, easily export worldwide reports, and apply for jobs.

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