#LogTenLife 2019 Winners!


We are excited to announce the winners of our yearly #LogTenLife photo contest! If you haven't joined in yet, this contest runs each year on social media and is a fun way to show off your best aviation photos. Do you fly over some of the most epic views in the world, or get to watch stunning sunsets from your flight deck office every day? Well, you're in luck because on top of living the dream, if you share the best photos of your pilot life using the hashtag #LogTenLife you could win a ten year subscription to LogTen Pro!

Ready to join in but not sure where to start? Take a look at the winners below for some inspiration, or send us a message on instagram for tips from our resident Coradine photographer.


First Place Winner

With the most votes this year, we love this photo by Andrés because it caught a rare but visually striking moment that you don't get to see every day. When was the last time you flew over a volcano mid eruption? If you're hoping to take your 2020 LogTen Life entries to the next level, make sure to keep an eye out for the unexpected.


Second Place Winner

Pieter's photo stands out because it takes on the challenge of shooting at night so well, really capturing the feeling of scale and sparkle of looking down at city lights from above.



Third Place Winner

Using a wide angle, Philipp was able to show a view of both the details of his cockpit and the mountains outside! If you're having trouble composing a photo, you can think about how to frame your subject. Instead of just seeing beautiful mountains, they are framed by the glass and made much more interesting to look at.



These photos didn't make it past the voting round, but we still love them all and wanted to share them. From the quirky and unexpected, to the breathtakingly beautiful, we were a little upset that they couldn't all win.