LogTen Pro Dakota

October 15, 2019By Paul Edney

Calendar View Seeing at a glance which days you’re flying and which days you’re off just got even easier with LogTen Pro’s new calendar view! Watch the Dakota video Contextual Menus Available on iOS 13, these new menus save time by helping you quickly perform actions without having to tap into the item on the list. For example, press and hold on a flight … Read More

Vote Now!

September 16, 2019By Paul Edney

  It was tough but we’ve narrowed down the entries to our top 10 favorites for our Aero Crew News #LogTenLife photo contest! Vote Now! – bit.ly/acn-ltp-win Winning photo will be featured on an Aero Crew News cover, get a 3 year subscription to LogTen Pro and US$100! All top 10 will a prize. Vote Now! – … Read More

LogTen Pro and Aero Crew News Photo Contest

August 1, 2019By Paul Edney

We’ve teamed up with Aero Crew News to launch an awesome new photo contest! Winning photo will be featured on an Aero Crew News cover, get a 3 year subscription to LogTen Pro an US$100! Lots of other prizes too 🙂 No purchase necessary. Join in to win!

LogTen Pro 8.1

July 11, 2019By Paul Edney

LogTen Pro 8.1 delivers a big impact with the awesome new MyWorldView feature. MyWorldView visualizes your flying on the world map – where you flew last month, this year, or in your whole #LogTenLife is now just a tap away. Use this to get a fantastic overview of where your tailwinds have taken you, visualize … Read More

Introducing LogTen Pro 8.0 Commander

March 11, 2019By Paul Edney

This awesome release features our powerful new InSight technology. By monitoring your schedule against all your currencies, limits, and certificates InSight warns you of any upcoming issues so you can proactively address them. This capability simplifies groups by eliminating the need for manually specifying any “in next” time, since we’ll automatically warn you of any … Read More

LogTen Pro & Aviation Insider Partnership

January 23, 2019By Paul Edney

LogTen Pro & Aviation Insider Partnership Over the past 2 years Aviation Insider and Coradine have been working together to help pilots. And we’re excited to announce that any pilot new to LogTen Pro who attends a simulator session with Aviation Insider can get a free 6 month subscription for LogTen Pro on iOS and … Read More

LogTen Pro & Aileron

December 3, 2018By Paul Edney

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with UK based, Aileron Group. Aileron produce high quality, hand crafted, leather bound printed logbooks.We have produced a custom report for easy export of the Aileron logbook format from LogTen Pro. Here’s how to download and use the logbook* (watch the video tutorial: https://youtu.be/Ay_bhr5ddJM)1. Tap/Click this link on … Read More

Introducing LogTen Pro Ground School 101

May 31, 2018By Paul Edney

 Key articles from LogTen Pro’s knowledge base come together with many of our fundamental video tutorials for iOS & Mac to produce this free ground school course. Take a little time today to learn how to get the most out of LogTen Pro!

#LogTenLife – Paul Hambleton’s Pilot Life

January 23, 2018By Paul Edney

We’re excited to start a new chapter in the #LogTenLife campaign. Our resident #LogTenLife reporter, Raya Lieberman interviewed airline pilot Paul Hambleton for our new series of written #LogTenLife – My Pilot Life articles. Check out below and if you’d like to share your #LogTenLife, send Raya a note through our help site at help.coradine.com!Blue … Read More


December 13, 2017By Paul Edney

 Our finalists have been chosen for the #LogTenLife & Telex Photo Contest. Vote for your favourite image now: https://logtenlife.shortstack.com/v1vcJK(Voting ends and winners chosen December 20th, 2017!)