Winning #LogTenLife Pilots Share their Photography Secrets

February 8, 2021By Raya Lieberman

  I am very excited to share the winning photos of our 2020 #LogTenLife challenge, and a bit more about the pilots behind them. If you haven’t entered our yearly aviation photo challenge yet, this could be your year! Every year we award multiple 10 year subscriptions to the best pilot photos shared to the … Read More

Almost to Space – The #LogTenLife of Brandon Jones

January 25, 2021By Raya Lieberman

  Meet cargo pilot Brandon Jones. Dedicated and enthusiastic, Brandon is the kind of pilot who will always greet you with a big smile. He’s a particular favorite of ours at trade shows and aviation events because he always makes sure to come by our booth to say hello.  Brandon loved the idea of flying … Read More

Meet the 2020 Coradine x NGPA Scholarship Winner

January 11, 2021By Raya Lieberman

  We are excited to announce the winner of our 2020 CFI/CFII scholarship in partnership with the NGPA! Derek MacPherson is a 21 year old Canadian pilot currently working on his CFI training in Ontario. Like many of us in aviation, Derek was bitten by the “flying bug” early, and as he steps into the … Read More

Top 10 Pilot Jobs to Build Your Total Flight Time

January 11, 2021By Raya Lieberman

  So you want to be an airline pilot and are looking for ways to build your total flight time? We’ve got you covered! These tips come right from First Officer Swayne Martin who knows a thing or two about the path to flying for the airlines. Getting between 1000 and 1500 hours might sound challenging … Read More

5 Reasons All Pilots Should Use an Electronic Logbook

December 30, 2020By Raya Lieberman

  Whether you are a brand new student pilot or have stacks of paper logbooks detailing a long aviation career, choosing an electronic pilot logbook will change your life. I know that may sound like an exaggeration (and I’m admittedly a little biased), but during my 5 years working on our support team here at … Read More

#LogTenLife – Moon Mahmood’s Story

October 26, 2020By Raya Lieberman

  Meet airline pilot Muneeb “Moon” Mahmood. Moon is Pakistani-American and was born and raised in Massachusetts. Like so many in aviation, he barely remembers a time when he didn’t want to be a pilot. From running around his childhood home with model airplanes to the excitement he felt on his first trip to Pakistan … Read More

My LogTen Life – Episode 1

May 4, 2020By Raya Lieberman

We were lucky enough attend the Women in Aviation International conference this spring just before COVID-19 hit. While we were there we got the chance to sit down with NGPA Women’s Committee Co-Chairs Natascha Fuller & Kiersten Orrick to talk about why they fly. Both are such fun and inspiring women! They not only fly … Read More