Coradine Releases LogTen Pro 4: Pilot Logbook for Mac

January 7, 2008By Coradine Aviation

Featuring iPhone integration via LogTen Mobile, automatic night time calculation, and the ability to visualize your flights in Google Earth™ Portland, OR USA – January 08, 2008 – Coradine Aviation Systems today released a major update to its pilot logbook for Mac OS X. LogTen Pro provides seamless integration with LogTen Mobile allowing pilots to … Read More

LogTen Pro Updated for Leopard

October 23, 2007By Noah Lieberman

The LogTen Pro pilot logbook has been updated for Mac OS X Leopard. To get up-to-date you can run your existing copy of LogTen Pro and select “Check for Updates” under the LogTen Pro menu, or click here to download now!

Coradine Supports the Civil Air Patrol

April 2, 2007By Noah Lieberman

Coradine is proud to support the U.S. Civial Air Patrol by providing LogTen Pro at a significant discount. If you fly for the Civil Air Patrol, and want to make the most of your flight time, you need the best pilot logbook software, you need LogTen Pro. Contact Captain Rod “Midway Six” Rakic at “capblog … Read More

Announcing LogTen Pro 3.1

December 22, 2006By Noah Lieberman

How to update LogTen Pro 3 and later has a built-in update system. If you already have LogTen Pro 3 or later then simply launch your copy and (if you chose to have it check on startup) it will automatically notify you that the new version is available and offer to install it for you. … Read More

Jeppesen, ASA or…?

November 29, 2006By Noah Lieberman

Did you know you can produce virtually exact replicas of the Jeppesen Professional Pilot logbook using LogTen Pro 3.0? In fact, you can can also create the ASA Master Pilot log right out of the “box” as well, and if that isn’t enough you can completely customize them and/or create your own reports using HTML … Read More

What’s New in LogTen Pro 3.0

November 29, 2006By Noah Lieberman

Overview Universal for Intel Up to 10 times faster than LogTen 2.x Document based (save your data as a file, where you choose, and save as many as you like) Filters have been replaced with “Smart Groups” – You can now organize these groups however you like, including into folders Much more powerful “filtering” with … Read More