Did you know that LogTen Pro pilots logged over 15 million flights last year?

15 million flights equals a lot of logbook entries. In fact, we estimate it takes about 1,071,429 pieces of logbook paper to log that many flights. And it takes 47,143 kWh of power, 450,000 litres of water and 129 trees to produce that much paper.

At Coradine, we are passionate about designing and developing the best aviation software in the world to help pilots fly smarter. We’re also dedicated to reducing the global environmental impact of aviation.

So today, we’re launching the #EveryFlightCounts campaign. Visit EveryFlightCounts to learn about the power, water, and trees we’re saving every year, not to mention the reduced waste and CO2, and choose your favourite #EveryFlightCounts image to share with a single click on Facebook, or Twitter.

OK, we know that with the huge impact the aviation industry has on the environment, this is just a drop in the ocean. But as the Chinese Proverb goes, “The person who removes a mountain, begins by carrying away small stones.”