The Coradine sponsored "Doppler Effect" Team of Jen and Courtney are only 12 days away from the start of their bid to win the 2016 Air Race Classic. Here they are in their Coradine #LogTenLife T-Shirts!

IMG_0283On the 3rd of June, Courtney went up in their ride for the 9 stop race (a Cessna Skylark) to determine their Race Speed. "It was a good flight," said Courtney. "We'll be hearing soon as to what our Race Speed will be."

Courtney logged the flight in LogTen Pro X, including a custom field to keep note of their Race Speed.  Of course, she and Jen will be logging all their Race Classic flights and pics in LogTen Pro for safekeeping for the rest of their flying careers.

And we're looking forward to following the race live in less than two weeks! For anyone wishing to donate, you can still do so here -

Blue Skies,

Team Coradine

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