Coradine is the industry leader in electronic pilot logbook services for iPhone, iPad, Mac and now Apple Watch.

LogTen Pilot Logbook makes your life easier through its super fast flight logging, detailed analysis of your flight time with the Analyze view, the powerful InSight technology that monitors all your upcoming flights and warns you of any rest / duty / currency issues, with all your irreplaceable flying life backed up to your choice of iCloud, Dropbox, or both!

LogTen completely redefines the concept of a logbook, saving you time and helping you fly more safely.

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Easy Setup
Getting started with LogTen is simple.
iCloud Sync
Sync all of your iOS and Mac devices via iCloud, seamlessly and automatically, AND easily backup your data to YOUR iCloud Drive.
Know Your Limits
Duty and rest at a glance, FAR 117 and EU Ops made easy.
The Answers You Need
The Analyze View puts the most commonly requested data at your fingertips.
Schedule Importing
Import over 100 different schedule formats using LogTen on the Mac
Interview Prep
Instantly get the data you need for services like AirlineApps, and PilotCredentials, and print beautiful, professional logbooks.
Digital Signatures
Student pilots and Instructors love this feature!
Anytime, Anywhere.
Create flights in seconds.

Ever Better

We're always striving to help pilots and make life easier with innovative new technology. Every LogTen release is shaped by customer feedback and extensive input from the pilots on our team.

Our latest release includes full support for iPad Multitasking and a completely new navigation system that streamlines your #LogTenLife.

The brand new navigation system reorganizes LogTen to make it quicker and easier than ever to find the data and functionality you need.

Your pilot log is now optimized for iPad’s Split View/Slide Over Multitasking. Whether it’s comparing your roster and adding new entries, monitoring local weather as you keep an eye on your duty limits, or completing a form with your most recent totals, you can do it all with LogTen.

And our last release included another industry first with widgets, not to mention auto-duty on the Mac.

Out of the box configuration

Set up in seconds, customize for any operation.

Getting started with LogTen digital pilot logbook is simple. As soon as you launch the program, you can choose from a number of pre-set configurations that best suit the type of flying you’re doing whether you’re a student pilot, a certified flight instructor (CFI) or a commercial/airline pilot. And for those of you that prefer a custom configuration, setting it up is as intuitive as walking.

We automatically select the most common fields for you based on the type of flying you do, and where you fly most. Fields you don’t need are hidden so that your whole logbook experience is tailored for you.

Once you’ve set up LogTen you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to input data into your logbook. You can add, remove, re-arrange, and create your own custom fields to match the paper logbook you’re familiar with, or tune everything for your specific operation to speed data entry.

Watch the 2 min “Setting Typical Roles” video

Download on the App Store
Download on the App Store

LogTen Pro pilot logbook view on iPad
LogTen Pro pilot logbook on iPhone showing backup view

One touch backups

Backup. Restore. Relax.

Nothing keeps your electronic logbook safer than LogTen with multiple options for backing up your critical logbook data. Backup your entire logbook to Dropbox and/or iCloud and restore, quickly and simply, on all your devices. Watch the “Backup” video for iOS Watch the “Backup” video for Mac   Download on the App Store Download on the App Store

iCloud Sync

Your logbook, instrument rated.

Sync all of your iOS and Mac devices via iCloud, seamlessly and automatically.

With LogTen, you can import your schedule on the Mac, make an adjustment on your iPad, head to the airport and the flight will be ready to go on your iPhone. You can then log further details enroute and when arriving home all the data will already be updated automatically on all your devices. Just like that.

Watch the 2 min "iCloud Sync" video

Download on the App Store

Download on the App Store

LogTen Pro radar plan view showing limits on iPad

Know your limits

Duty and rest at a glance.

The Plan View provides an industry first with our Dynamic Time Loupe™ which allows you to quickly scroll backwards and forwards in time to see all your user configurable, dynamic currencies and limits at any moment in time, now including rest and flight duty periods.

Quickly identify issues with rest, duty or flight duty period limits before they happen, including commercial pilots managing complex rest and duty regulations such as FAR117 in the USA and EASA in Europe.

Check out the new LogTen "Plan" Widget!

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Download on the App Store

The future is InSight

LogTen Pilot Logbook monitors all your scheduled flights to ensure legality.

This is a flight safety game changer: InSight automatically monitors your schedule against all your currencies, limits, and certificates and then warns you well in advance of any upcoming issues so you can proactively address them.

Simply enter your scheduled flights and LogTen will monitor all future flights to identify if any of your configured limits, currency, or certificates will be an issue at the time those legs are flown. When InSight finds an issue, a warning comes up and you can jump instantly to the flight in question so you can review what needs to be done to make the flight legal.

Wondering how it works? Here’s how…

Step 1: Open LogTen - any issues will display on the Plan tab on iOS, or the Logbook tab on Mac.

Step 2: There is no step two.

Watch the video


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Download on the App Store

LogTen Pro's InSight Feature on iPad
LogTen Pro pilot logbook on iPhone showing analyze view


The answers you need are just a touch away.

The Analyze View puts the most commonly requested data at your fingertips – select a time period and your log is broken down further by popular categories such as Multi-engine, Turbine, Total Instrument, etc. and you’ll see all your aircraft types with totals for each.

And with LogTen’s powerful Smart Groups to filter your time however you want, you can track anything about your flying, from how much tailwheel time you have to when the last time Joe Smith was the relief pilot on your Dubai trip.

Watch the 1 min “Analyze” video

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Download on the App Store

Share everything

Save time by sharing any entry in your logbook with fellow pilots.

Now only one person on the flight deck needs to log the flight, cutting logging time in half! Using LogTen's 'Smart Share' pilots can instantly share logbook flights, aircraft, and people, as well as limit, currency, and smart groups.

LogTen's Smart Share will even identify and change fields based on who is sharing and receiving the logged flight. So for example, a certified flight instructor can fill in details for a flight with a student, sign the flight and when they share it with their student, LogTen will automatically switch dual given to dual received. And students who forget to get their entries signed can send them to the instructor and get them back signed and locked for security.


Watch the 2 min “Share Everything” video

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Download on the App Store

LogTen Pro pilot logbook on iPhone showing share sheet

Copy, paste, fly

Crew schedule importer.

If you’re a commercial pilot, you’ll love our schedule importer feature in LogTen on the Mac that enables pilots from over 100 airlines to import their schedules with just a few clicks. Now it's easier than ever to keep your logbook up to date, and track your duty and rest requirements for FAR 117 or EU Ops while on a trip; simply import your schedule and it will sync to LogTen on your iPhone or iPad for quick access wherever you are!

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LogTen Pro pilot logbook on Mac showing reports tab

Professional, and Beautiful

Over 100 built-in reports.

LogTen comes with over 100 built-in high quality reports including the ability to print incredible logbooks that look just like the official formats for the USA, European Union, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, China, Argentina, South Africa and New Zealand, just to name a few.

Use LogTen on Mac to create your own custom report templates using the WebKit engine that drives Safari.

Generate full PDF reports right on your iPhone or iPad and share via email or print with Air Print.

Getting ready for an interview?

LogTen helps pilots get a job. With LogTen your data is always up to date when an opportunity comes up that fits your experience, and LogTen's experience reports make filling in job applications easy! For recruitment sites like Airline Apps, we’ve created a custom report for easy data transfer. Or print a gorgeous, legible logbook, and use smart groups to answer any questions potential employers have in seconds.

Watch the 2 min “Reports” video

Download on the App Store

Download on the App Store
LogTen Pro pilot logbook on iPhone showing digital signature

Digital signatures

Certify check rides and endorsements, right on your screen.

Student pilots and CFIs love this feature. With LogTen’s digital signature feature instructors and examiners can sign logbook entries and endorsements directly on the iPhone or iPad.

And with LogTen's pre-loaded endorsements, over 70 endorsements are ready and waiting with all the text you need pre-loaded, so all you have to do is add the specific details for the pilot!

Signed, sealed and delivered before you leave the airport.

Watch the 1 min “Digital Signatures” video

Watch the 2 min “Pre-loaded Endorsements” video

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Anytime, Anywhere

Create flights in seconds.

Front and center in your pilot log is LogTen’s “New Entry” button. Instantly create new flight or duty entries in your logbook with a single tap, no matter where you are in LogTen.

Depending on your preference, you can use the location buttons in the flight detail view to fill the nearest airports and capture the current time!

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LogTen Pro pilot logbook on iPhone showing our fast Fly Now data entry feature

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