Subscriptions: Building the Future

October 16, 2014By Noah Lieberman

I am super excited about our new LogTen Pro X platform and subscription model! Giving you access to LogTen Pro X on all your devices, a small subscription has large advantages in this new world of constant updates. Subscriptions mean you will always have the latest version with regular feature updates as soon as they … Read More

Important Note for iOS 8 and Yosemite Users

October 13, 2014By Paul Edney

It has just come to our attention that in some situations, WiFi sync, or the initial iCloud sync (when first adding a device to iCloud) using LogTen Pro 6, could cause the loss of Out and In times. This only happens if both devices are on iOS 8, e.g. syncing an iPhone to an iPad, … Read More

Gmail’s “improved” spam filtering causing issues for some

June 23, 2014By Paul Edney

Gmail’s new “improved” spam filtering is causing issue for some LogTen Pro users when they share Reports and Logbooks. Many are finding that what once showed up in their Gmail inbox is now showing up in Promotions (Spam). To deal with this issue, you need to either add “” to your address book or “re-train” … Read More

CloudAhoy Flight Debrief App Integrates with LogTen Pro

May 29, 2014By Paul Edney

“A one button tap transfers over 20 fields of flight data from CloudAhoy to LogTen Pro…” Portland, OR USA – May 29, 2014 – CloudAhoy’s newest version of their flight debrief and flight track analysis App includes the added feature of data sharing with LogTen Pro. Pilots across the USA using CloudAhoy can now share … Read More

Dynamic reports – choose the logbook data YOU want to export

April 29, 2014By Paul Edney

The over 100 professional logbook report templates included in LogTen Pro aim to cover most of a pilot’s needs for reporting. That said, they may not always have everything you’re looking for – for example, maybe you need to include specific information for insurance or tax purposes, or you want to highlight a custom field … Read More

Navigating FAR 117 limits with LogTen Pro

April 9, 2014By Paul Edney

The new FAR 117 rules came into effect in early January. The Coradine support team put together this great article to help pilots navigate the rules with LogTen Pro for Mac and LogTen Pro Universal for iPhone & iPad. We’re following the article with 3 new tutorial videos to help pilots set up their LogTen … Read More

Live in Canada?Upgrade your paper logbook to LogTen Pro!

March 5, 2014By Paul Edney

We’ve partnered with Logbook Genesis to help our Canadian customers convert their paper logbook data into LogTen Pro. Logbook Genesis takes the thousands of lines of hard flown hours from your paper logbook and converts them to digital format. Time to dust off those old logbooks and let Logbook Genesis do the heavy lifting. Better … Read More

LogTen Pro 6.5 with iCloud Sync

January 23, 2014By Paul Edney

Your logbook. Instrument Rated. LogTen Pro 6.5, the latest update for Coradine’s market leading electronic pilot logbook software includes over 200 new features, fixes and performance improvements along side the major addition of free iCloud Sync for current LogTen Pro users. With LogTen Pro 6.5, pilots can enter a scheduled flight on their Mac, head … Read More

LogTen Pro Universal for iPhone & iPad chosen by AME High to help online ground school student pilots track flight time effectively from their first take off.

January 22, 2014By Paul Edney

Portland, OR USA – January 22, 2014 – AME High recently launched a revolutionary new online ground school using multi-media and gamification to help make learning to fly fun for aspiring pilots. As part of their High Performance package that is available through their aviation training partners, like Spectaculair Interactive (,  they have chosen to … Read More