Getting Your Logbook Into Top Shape

Thanks to all those who joined in to watch our guest appearance on the NGPA's webinar circuit. For those who didn't make it, the recording can be found here!

The links and resources below will help you get your LogTen Pro logbook organized.
If you are not a LogTen Pro user yet, please click here to access our NGPA 3 month trial!

  1. Coradine Ground School: An online course that cover everything you'll need to know to get started with LogTen Pro.
  2. How do I enter a balance forward? If you have historic data on paper that you need to quickly 'import', LogTen Pro's got you covered.
  3. Logbook entry colors: A guide to how your logbook entries are colored in LogTen Pro and why.
  4. Analyze and Plan: Powerful data analysis and advance warning for flight limits, rest, currencies, and more ... at your fingertips.
  5. Harnessing the power of Smart Groups: Filter your time on virtually any aspect of your flying.
  6. World-wide limit groups: Smart Groups for FAR117 are the default with LogTen Pro, EASA and many other countries are available for download direct to LogTen Pro. Don't see your country? Let us know and we'll build the groups for you!
  7. NEW! Logbook Audit Report: Developed to help pilots quickly identify any issues in their logbook.
  8. Learn more about auditing your logbook – Check out our Live Stream with detailed examples!

Over 50 tutorial videos available on our YouTube Channel!

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Blue Skies,
Team Coradine