It was a fitting end to our #WAI2016 show when Noah and the Coradine Team connected with Courtney Schlosser and Jennifer Pinkowski to hand over a sponsorship check that will help fund their bid to enter (and with a little luck and lots of skill, win) the 2400 mile, 9 leg Women's Air Race Classic!

The Air Race Classic runs June 21st through June 24th 2016. The race started in 1929 with just twenty women pilots racing across the country. Today, over 100 women can participate in the race and we're very excited to be supporting two of them!

At Coradine we want to help pilots in their aviation careers (check out #LogTenLife), this was a great opportunity to further that mission. And we'd like to invite and encourage any and all pilots to add their support. Courtney and Jennifer have an online donation page that we hope you'll visit:

Blue Skies,

Team Coradine