About Coradine

We believe in helping pilots, and we believe great software can change your life. We strive every day to improve the lives of pilots. We create innovative services that save time, improve safety, expedite career advancement, and reduce the environmental impact of aviation. We design and develop the best aviation software platforms in the world so pilots can focus on their passion for flying, confident and secure in the knowledge they’ve got the right tools, and a dedicated team of professionals and fellow pilots at their service.

What it is like to work at Coradine

Coradine is a well established company with over 100,000 users globally. We have a small, but dedicated, engineering team with an abundant roadmap of new features we wish to implement. Coradine puts results first, empowering employees to do their work where and when they can be most productive. Headquartered in Portland Oregon, we are a distributed organization, spread across the world, and welcome employees based in Oregon, Washington, and Colorado as well as outside the United States. A tight knit team where every member is essential to success, Coradine values all contributions knowing they will make a visible and meaningful impact.

The Position

Coradine Aviation Systems is looking for an experienced full stack JavaScript engineer to join our team.


  • Build reusable components with attention to an intuitive user experience
  • Collaborate across the company to understand requirements and deliver reliable solutions to market quickly
  • Drive the development of new features through prototyping, validation, implementation, testing, documentation, launch, and further iteration
  • Mentor and provide meaningful code review for your fellow engineers
  • Keep up on the latest developments in JavaScript frontend, backend and database technologies
  • Be highly self motivated and driven to excellence
  • Proactively contribute to the overall success of the Coradine team
  • You like to share, and though you have strong opinions, you are open minded and always seeking the best solution
  • You're always looking to write better systems by continuing to learn, find, or create better tools


  • 5+ years of experience in software development
  • Passionate about developing web applications using JavaScript
  • Keen to deliver well structured, fault tolerant, and robust implementations with an eye for extensibility and ease of maintenance
  • Experience working with NoSQL Database technologies such as Mongo, Couchbase, etc.
  • Experience with NoSQL data architecture patterns
  • Diligently develops unit and integration tests for JavaScript projects
  • Deep experience using git, issue tracking systems, etc.
  • Senior level experience and knowledge of web application technologies, including React, Node, JavaScript, Typescript, Material UI, web services technologies like GraphQL, and ReST
  • Experience with AWS and Linux administration, including Docker and Serverless implementations
  • Experience and knowledge of project configuration (ie: Webpack, Rollup, Babel, Jest, ESLINT), build and deployment
  • Practices agile development methodologies
  • Enjoy working in a culture of collaboration and execution
  • Established problem solving techniques, willing to actively address issues and assist others
  • Proficiency in recognizing and solving performance issues
  • Familiarity or experience with the aviation industry is a plus

How to apply

Please submit a resume detailing your experience, work history, any open source projects you want us to look at and attach a cover letter explaining:

  • Why you want to work on JavaScript Applications
  • What qualities and experience you have as a remote engineer
  • Why you want to work at Coradine Aviation Systems and not somewhere else
  • What’s your favorite joke?

Email your resume and cover letter to jobs@coradine.com. Include “Senior JavaScript Engineer” in the subject line.