We are excited to announce the winners of our yearly #LogTenLife photo contest! If you haven’t joined in yet, this contest runs each year on social media and is a fun way to show off your best aviation photos. Do you fly over some of the most epic views in the world, or get to watch stunning sunsets from your flight deck office every day? Well, you’re in luck because on top of living the dream, if you share the best photos of your pilot life using the hashtag #LogTenLife you could win a ten year subscription to LogTen Pro!

Ready to join in but not sure where to start? Take a look at the winners below for some inspiration!

#LogTenLife Company Winner

With the most votes in our company competition last year, we love this photo by Steve because it caught a rare but visually striking moment that you don’t get to see every day. What a striking display of seeing the sun setting beneath the earth while having all of the controls in the cockpit illuminated and on display. Thank you Steve for your submission and we hope that this inspires your creativity for #LogTenLife 2023! Here’s what he had to say:

“I took my first flight as an air cadet in the UK back in 1986, flying in the backseat of an RAF deHavilland Chipmunk! My fuse was lit and I began my aviation journey. After a string of bureaucratic barriers were placed in my way, I ended up earning my keep as an oceanic delivery pilot for several years, ferrying mostly single engine aircraft to various owners across the planet. I wrote a book about my adventures, the proceeds of which go to an aviation charity. After settling down in the US, I moved onto a somewhat safer profession and joined a regional airline (Air Wisconsin) flying mostly east coast routes. I was enthusiastic to join the fledgling Virgin America just after launch and had fun with Sir Richard Branson during many events, including flying in formation with a Virgin Galactic spaceship over the Golden Gate Bridge. These days, I work as an airline captain at Alaska Airlines, and to complete the circle, I take people flying in my own former RAF deHavilland Chipmunk that looks just like the first one I flew 37 years ago!

I have said it before and I’ll say it again.. there is simply no better electronic logbook than LogTen! As a user for almost 14 years I have watched the innovation and development that has been poured into this app by the fellow aviation enthusiasts at Coradine. Tracking both my airline flying and GA adventures on my various devices is so simple with the cloud sync function. Whether I am keeping an eye on complex airline duty regulations or checking my landing currency or reminiscing on past fun trips in our Grumman Cheetah, LogTen has become an invaluable aviation tool for me.“


#LogTenLife First Place Winner

Dan took a video with quite the bird’s eye view of a B747 flying over the clouds. Unfortunately, we’re not able to upload the video, but would like to ask that you imagine a plane soaring over the clouds to the end of the earth.

During a flight from LA to London back in early March we spent a little time in proximity to this Cargolux B747 heading across the North Atlantic towards Europe.”



#LogTenLife Second Place Winner

#logtenlife Thanks LogTen Life saver”

We appreciate the kind words! Making life as easy as possible for pilots is certainly our goal. Keep logging away and we’ll be there to support however we can!


#LogTenLife Third Place Winner

What a shot! George taking advantage of the fresh powder with a helicopter in the background. We’re jealous!

“George aka @powman61 shredding the Kaçkar to pieces ???????”

#LogTenLife Finalists

These photos didn’t make it to the podium, but we loved them and wanted to make sure they get some time in the spotlight as well. What a breathtaking world and profession we all share!